Week 1 Fantasy Review

The 2007 NFL football season is now underway and week 1 is officially in the books. As usual, week 1 was able to serve up a number of surprises. The biggest of which had to be an extremely disappointing and unexpected night for Drew Brees and the Saints. We must have somehow missed the off-season trade of offensive lines with the Raiders. The Colts front 4 was all over Brees from snap 1, serving to remind us of the many missed blocks by the black and silver a season past. Actually, it was a tough night for anyone who has any of the many fantasy studs the Saints have to offer. Equally shocking was the play of a previously underrated Colts defense. The revamped secondary seemed up to the challenge all night against some of the league's best. Another shocker from this past week had to be the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans were able to run through, up, and around an obviously overrated Jaguar defense all day. On the other side of that coin, the Titans run defense, which ranked 31st in '06 (only the Colts were worse), was able to completely shut down the dynamic duo of Jones-Drew and Taylor. It must have been bizarro opposite day in Jacksonville. Other disappointments included big names such as Larry Fitzgerald, Brian Westbrook, Steven Jackson, Cedric Benson, the injury to Brandon Jacobs, Santana Moss, Vernon Davis, any number of defenses, Donovan McNabb and Steve McNair, to name a few. In their defense, it is the first week of the season, and sometimes you just have to work out the kinks (we assumed that's what pre season is for). We saw a ton of mistakes, even from guys who put up solid numbers. Hopefully, the earth will swing back on its axis and these guys will get back to playing grade A football in week 2.
Yes, there were too many studs that played like duds in the first week, but there were also a fair number of surprises to put in the positive column. Adrian Peterson making the most of a Chester Taylor injury, back-up Chris Brown toasting the Jags for 175, and for the 2 of you who actually care about kickers, how about Packers rookie Mason Crosby? Other surprise highlight players included Antwaan Randle El, Ronald Curry, Matt Schaub, Brandon Marshall, Marshawn Lynch, Derrick Ward, Jason Witten, Shaun McDonald, Jake Delhomme, a dominating Vikings defense, and wasn't nice to see Randy Moss back to his old self.
All in all, despite the many dropped passes, missed blocking assignments, and overall sloppy play, it was an entertaining week 1 that we hope you enjoyed as much as we did. There were several close games that came down to the wire, some monster hits, and even a few big plays. More importantly, we hope we were able to help fill out your fantasy roster with winners. It's always tough sledding in week 1 for those of us devoted to fantasy rankings (no one can be 100% accurate), but we guarantee, no one puts in as much time and research as we do in order to offer you the best rankings possible each week. That being said, we hope you will continue to view our site and we will continue to help you bring home that fantasy championship. Your free fantasy football rankings will be posted late Thursday evening. Best of luck in week 2.
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