1. Chicago(KC) – Arguably the league’s most exciting defense will face arguably the NFL’s most boring offense. Despite Larry Johnson, this is a no brainer, the Bears D is a lock.
2. Baltimore(NYJ) – The Ravens defense is generally a safe pick any week on the schedule. This week looks especially promising, even without Ray Lewis. The Jets will be without Pennington to help balance things out, not that that’s a fair comparison.
3. Cincinnati(@CLE) – A defense that looks to be improved (especially in fantasy terms) should look even better this week as they match up against an awful Browns offense with a QB controversy.
4. Pittsburgh(BUF) – The Steel Curtain looks to repeat a dominant performance against a young, but inspired, Bills offense. Inspired or not, the Steelers will have their number.
5. Carolina(HOU) – The Panther defense looked to be in old form against the Rams. Houston offers even less of a challenge.
6. Denver(OAK) – A great match up for a quality defense. The Raiders usually step up when they play the Broncos but even the Raider's best is not worth much.
7. Jacksonville(ATL) – This defense was embarrassed on the ground last week but the pass defense was tops for week 1. Despite losing, they only gave up 13 points and scored a couple of turnovers. The rush defense is a slight concern, but should be corrected in week 2. They will control a lack luster Falcon’s offense.
8. Minnesota(@DET) – For what it’s worth, they shut down the Falcon’s offense in every way possible, even their passing game (ranked last in pass D in 06’). The potent Lion’s passing attack will test the secondary, but week 1’s top fantasy defense should be up to the challenge. The turnover factor is high for this defense vs. Detroit.
9. Philadelphia(WAS) – The Eagles had a fair showing defensively in week 1 on the road. This week, they face division rival Washington at home. The Skins rely too much on the home run play in an otherwise mediocre offense, and with injuries to the Washington O-line, the Eagles should make things tough on them.
10. San Francisco(@STL) – The Ram’s high powered attack has had to become more conservative with a banged up offensive line. Nate Clements should slow down big play Torry Holt, leaving only Steven Jackson to worry about. It’s not a good match up on paper, but we like the Niner D in week 2.
11. Indianapolis(@TEN) – The Titan’s will be able to move the ball on the ground, but without a strong passing game, the Colts have the potential to repeat last week’s defensive performance.
12. Green Bay(@NYG) – They were rock solid against a powerful Eagle’s offense in week 1. Much of their success this week depends on the health of Eli Manning, but even with Manning, the Packer D seems poised to have another great week.
13. Seattle(@ARI) – The Arizona offense presents more of a challenge than Tampa did, but we expect a decent game for the Sea hawk defense.
14. New Orleans(@TB) – On paper, this defense looks better than the 06’ version. Anyone who watched the Colt’s game knows different. The good news is that they face Tampa this week, a far cry from the Colts.
15. Dallas(@MIA) – They looked to be one of the stronger units in 07’. The Giants dropping 35 on them says otherwise. We think they will tighten things up against a mediocre Dolphin’s offense, but user beware.
16. Miami(DAL) – They are solid in every facet of their defense, but the Cowboy’s offense presents an obstacle too large to make them a top pick in week 2.
17. NYJets(@BAL) – This defense should rebound from last week’s beating (so long as the Ravens don’t steal their signals).We expect a fair to midline game against a Raven’s offense that struggled with turnovers in week 1.
18. New England(SD) – Typically a top defensive team, but L.T. and the Chargers provide a scary match up for the Pat’s defense.
19. Detroit(MIN) – Minnesota isn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut but neither is the Detroit defense. The emergence of Adrian Peterson will give them problems. It isn’t their worst match up, but we feel bad for anyone who has this defense the rest of the season.
20. San Diego(@NE) – This great defense has the potential to look bad against a super charged Patriot’s offense. If you have other options, we suggest you use them.
21. Arizona(SEA) – Surprisingly, they look like a defense on the rise. The Sea hawks bring a more cohesive and well rounded attack at them than what they faced last week. Use them only in a pinch.
22. Oakland(DEN) – A disappointing start for what looked to be a formidable defense in 07’. The Broncos will be an even tougher foe than the Raiders faced week 1 but the black and silver always take it up a notch against Denver. It may be closer than you think but the risk is too great.
23. Kansas City(@CHI) – A mediocre defense facing a mediocre offense. This isn’t an awful match up considering the Bear’s defense will probably score most of their points. That is unless your league counts points given up by the offense.
24. Tampa Bay(NO) – The days of the dominant Buc’s defense have come and gone. Look for an eager Saint’s team to bring the noise. Not a smart play, even at home.
25. Washington(@PHI) – They had an impressive start on defense in 07’. The Eagles had an unimpressive start offensively in 07’. Unfortunately for the Skins, neither will factor in this week. Not a good match up on the road.
26. Tennessee(IND) – For whatever reasons, the Titans have kind of had the Colt’s number of recent, even beating them once last year. The Tennessee defense looked really good last week, and yet, there is still no way that we can suggest using them. The Colt’s offense is a powder keg and the risk is simply too great. If you are a gambler, we say go for it, but do so at your own risk!!!
27. Atlanta(@JAC) – This defense has obviously taken a turn for the worse and the Jags potent backfield won’t struggle 2 weeks in a row. We suggest you look elsewhere.
28. Buffalo(@PIT) – They play a bend, don’t break, style of defense which often keeps them in games. The bottom line is they are young, inexperienced, and not very good.
29. Houston(@CAR) – David Carr’s popping up in Carolina has apparently lit a fire under Jake Delhomme. The Texan defense performed admirably in week 1 but they did so against a bad offense in Kansas City. This week presents a monster reborn in Delhomme and the Panther offense. Don’t use em' if you got em’.
30. St. Louis(SF) – This defense was awful on every level in week 1. This week they face the steep up hill battle to stop Frank Gore. If they have any chance of success they will have to keep 8 guys in the box, forcing Alex Smith to throw and they may get torched there as well.
31. NYGiants(GB) – The Cowboys may still be scoring on this dreadful defense. This week offers a better match up, but any match up looks to be a disaster for these guys. Injuries, an unprepared Strahan, and the simple fact that they suck, make them a defense to drop.
32. Cleveland(CIN) – For those of you who picked up this defense this year, all we can say is sorry. For those of you wishing to use this defense against the Bengals this week, all we can say is ARE YOU A COMPLETE MORON?!! This one could get ugly.
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