May 3, 2011

40 Funniest Fan Signs in Sports (PICS)

We scoured the interweb for days to find some of the funniest fan signs in the world of sports. Here they are, in no particular order of awesomeness.





Anonymous said... This one too!

Anonymous said...

If only I could find a photo of the "Rudy was Offsides" one.

Anonymous said...

I still remember "Are the Twins for real or is Kent Hrbeck just pulling our legs?" (After Hrbeck allegedly lifting Ron Gant's leg off first base and tagged him out in the '91 WS)

Anonymous said...

wheres the "Hey Chelios, You're uglier than Ricci"

Bobby Aguilera said...

"You're still Cleveland to us. You still stink!"

ravensncoyotes said...

I was at an Angels game v. Yankees and some Jersey chick had a big cardboard sign that said "Angles Suck". People were yelling "Straight Lines Rule!" "Circles Rule".

Anonymous said...

The complete sign said: "Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer; Aaron did it with class; How did you do it (with a syringe for a question mark)" when Barry Bonds visited Philly.

lexie said...

LOL i really liked the one where he's just like i made this sign to piss people off behind mee LOL

Sports Brothers Report said...

These are hilarious.. very well done.. I will bookmark this page and check back during the season..



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