28 Awesome Uses For a Football Helmet

The Egyptians had it all wrong. A pyramid is not the perfect engineering marvel. Instead, it is (insert drum roll here) the football helmet. You can wear it on the gridiron to protect your head, or stick a wick in it and make it a candle for romantic situations, or use it as the perfect wind resistant shell for a giant golf cart, or (and perhaps our favorite) have it as the ideally balanced base for a beer tube. These and many more examples of a football helmet-shaped design being used in everyday life are below. Behold their awesomeness!

1. Beer Tube Holder

2. Cake

 3. Golf Cart

4. Candy

5. Clock

6. Party food holder

7. Earrings

8. Grill

9. Change purse

10. Guitar

11. Neon advertising

12. Pendant for hairy-chested dudes

13. Lamp shade

14. Lamp base

15. Lego art

 16. Lollipop

17. Mailbox

18. Computer mouse

19. MP3 player

20. Mug

21. Pen holder

22. Swimming pool

23. Candle

24. Jack-'o-lantern

25. Rice Krispy treat

26. Salt & Pepper shaker

27. Toothbrush holder

28. Humiliating dog costume


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