1. Steve Smith (CAR) – He’s still the best fantasy WR out there and this week’s match up will prove it.
2. Chad Johnson (CIN) – Expect a huge game in week 2 for Johnson against the Browns. It’s the Brown’s secondary, no further explanation necessary.
3. Marvin Harrison (IND) – As usual, he’s a no brainer. He should return as Peyton’s number 1 option this week against Tennessee.
4. Donald Driver (GB) – He’s back to full speed and should be a terror for a pathetic Giant’s secondary.
5. T.J. Houshmanzadeh (CIN) – He was used more as a possession receiver in week 1. Look for him to venture deep early and often this week.
6. Reggie Wayne (IND) – He’s always a stud and an obvious start. Expect quality numbers, but no repeat of last week’s dominance.
7. Lee Evans (BUF) – We are probably going out on a limb a bit ranking him this high, especially after last week. Champ Bailey silenced Evans in week 1 as we suggested would happen. This week, Evans faces corner backs that are much softer, and he is just too talented to be shut down 2 weeks straight.
8. Terrell Owens (DAL) – This week’s match up presents a tougher challenge for him than last week. The Cowboy’s offense relies too heavily on T.O. not to get him the ball as much as possible. This makes him a priority fantasy starter.
9. Javon Walker (DEN) – He looks to be regaining his star status and is a lock week 2 starter.
10. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – We expect him to rebound nicely from an awful week 1 against a talented but under aggressive CB Marcus Trufant.
11. Randy Moss (NE) – We got a huge dose of a resurrected Randy Moss last week. While he looks to be on pace for a monster year, you can’t expect to see those kind of stats from him every week. He’s a solid start against any defense, and congratulations to those of you who had the guts to draft him.
12. Andre Johnson (HOU) – He’s the only big play threat in the Texan’s arsenal, making him indispensable. He will have a target on his back against the Panther’s but we are optimistic he will play well.
13. Hines Ward (PIT) – A low risk, high reward fantasy starter this week against Buffalo. He will show you why he was missed so much in this offense last season.
14. Chris Chambers (MIA) – He is still the go to guy for Miami. After seeing the Dallas secondary get toasted last week, he should have another big game.
15. Marques Colston (NO) – He had a decent week 1, but no touch down’s. That could all change this week as his fantasy numbers should increase.
16. Anquan Boldin (ARI) – He isn’t a huge scoring threat considering he had a TD last week(playing the odds with a guy who doesn’t have many TD’s historically). He does, however, provide fantasy owners with lots of receptions and yards. This week should be no exception.
17. Roy Williams (DET) – He’s still Kitna’s #1 guy despite the emergence of the new receivers. A pass heavy attack and a solid match up make him valuable in week 2.
18. Joey Galloway (TB) – He is the key to the Buc’s offense and will be looked to early and often.
19. Darrell Jackson (SF) – The Ram’s secondary is not very good and the rest of the defense will focus on Gore. This could be the week he shines for his new team and yours.
20. Plaxico Burress (NYG) – Week 1’s top fantasy performer has no where to go but down from last week. He’s still a quality start despite the Al Harris match up and possibly no Eli.
21. Torry Holt (STL) – “BIG PLAY” Torry lived up to his nickname in week 1 despite a knee injury. San Fran’s big dollar corner Nate Clements can slow production of even the best receiver, but Holt’s still a threat for a “BIG PLAY”!
22. Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) – With Chris McAlister focusing on Coles, Cotchery should be the top option for fill in QB Clemons.
23. Santonio Holmes (PIT) – His fantasy upside is huge and this week’s match up provides another opportunity for success.
24. Calvin Johnson (DET) – We weren’t expecting to hear from him so soon, but he is the real deal, and we look for Kitna to find him more each passing week.
25. Bernard Berrian (CHI) – He’s emerged as the Bear’s top receiver and big play threat. We like his chances against KC.
26. Derrick Mason (BAL) – You are probably wondering why he is so high on the list this week. 2 reasons. Reason 1, he looked like his old self in week 1. Reason 2, he will be needed and relied upon heavily with injuries to Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams. Don’t be afraid to use him this week.
27. Laveranues Coles (NYJ) – Speed and excellent route running make him 1 of the best WR’s in the game. Those skills will be slightly neutralized as he faces 1 of the best CB’s in the league in Chris McAlister. The lack of Pennington doesn’t help either. He’s still worth starting, but don’t expect his best.
28. Kevin Curtis (PHI) – It appears he has become the deep threat in the pass first, run second Eagle’s offense. He could have a breakout game vs. Washington.
29. Santana Moss (WAS) – A huge disappointment in week 1. He is always a threat for the long ball but you can’t bank on that alone. You almost have to start him based on potential but he’s struggled vs. Philadelphia in the past.
30. Donte’ Stallworth (NE) – We know he didn’t do crap last week, but for some odd reason he was only on the field for 9 plays(maybe he is the infamous play stealing camera man). Regardless, he should be on the field most of the game this week. With all eyes on Moss, he may be the Pat’s secret weapon(this time as a receiver ha ha) in week 2.
31. Isaac Bruce (STL) – He usually fares well against the Niners, but this year, he squares off against a solid corner in Walt Harris.
32. Reggie Brown (PHI) – A tough match up limited Brown’s week 1 numbers. He should be more visible this week in the pass happy Eagle’s offense.
33. Braylon Edwards (CLE) – He has grade A potential, but with the QB situation in Cleveland as such, he is on shaky ground as a fantasy starter.
34. Greg Jennings (GB) – He looks healthy and ready to go, and we all know Favre can use as many quality targets as he can get. We like the match up and feel he is worth a shot in your starting line up, especially in a tight spot.
35. Brandon Marshall (DEN) – He appears to play a much bigger role in the Bronco’s offense this season based on week 1, but appearances can be deceptive. Use caution, one good week doesn’t guarantee the next.
36. Patrick Crayton (DAL) – Terry Glenn’s injury makes him the #2 WR for Dallas this week. Randle El, Washington’s #2 WR torched Miami last week. Translation, don’t be surprised if Crayton looks like a 5 star after this one.
37. Devery Henderson (NO) – He’s an all or little type of WR. With Ronde Barber spending most of the day chasing down Colston, this could be an all day for Henderson.
38. Wes Welker (NE) – He was able to provide Brady a much needed underneath option in week 1.Week 2 offers promise, but it will probably be Stallworth’s week to steal the Moss sidekick spotlight. Still, a solid play in a pinch.
39. Vincent Jackson (SD) – He has a better shot at producing this week, but again faces a tough match up with the Pat’s secondary.
40. Mike Furrey (DET) – He proved last week that he is still an important part of Detroit’s offense. Don’t expect the kind of success he had last season, but he makes for a great fill in starter, any week.
41. Amani Toomer (NYG) – 9 catches for 91 yards made him look like the Toomer of yester year, but with Eli probably out, his potential is limited this week.
42. Ronald Curry (OAK) – This sleeper broke loose last week with a monster outing. Week 2 presents him with a number of obstacles, including a superior Denver secondary and a bad hamstring.
43. Arnaz Battle (SF) – A good match up, but unless you aren’t very deep at WR, not a worth while starter. Capable but risky.
44. Muhsin Muhammad (CHI) – This guy is too unpredictable to start if you have other options. If you like to gamble, it could pay off with a decent match up in KC, but we don't suggest it.
45. Deion Branch (SEA) – He’s better suited as a #2 or #3 WR. He was shut out, with zero receptions last week, proving he can’t be trusted. We think he will come around, but steer clear until he does.
46. Antwaan Randle El (WAS) – The biggest surprise of week 1 without question, but let’s not put him in the Pro Bowl just yet. He won’t match last week, but he may provide a few points for those of you who probably picked him off waivers this week. For those of you who drafted him and used him, Congrats, at least for 1 week.
47. Brandon Stokley (DEN) – He’s delegated to 3rd on the Bronco’s WR depth chart, but can provide a needy fantasy owner a few points any week.
48. Ike Hilliard (TB) – Remember this guy? He’s back in the starting line up and had decent production in week 1. He will be matched up this week against Jason David, who was lit up last week. Granted he’s no Reggie Wayne, but not a bad option as a spot starter.
49. Mark Clayton (BAL) – A toe injury gives Clayton limited fantasy potential again this week. We suggest you take a pass on him at least until his toe is back to normal.
50. Demetrius Williams (BAL) – Chest injury will limit him, if he plays at all.
51. Marty Booker (MIA) – This guy is usually an afterthought for his QB, but he provides TD potential, scoring 6 last season.
52. Drew Bennett (STL) – He claims he is playing this week in spite of a nagging injury. He left practice early which leads us to believe he may do the same in the game. Too risky this week.
53. Dennis Northcutt (JAC) – He is little more than an oversized possession receiver that will steal a TD now and then. The only problem is guessing when. Garrard targeted him several times last week, but it didn’t amount to much. Expect the same this week.
54. Jerry Porter (OAK) – He didn’t exactly return to star form in week 1. Week 2’s match up against either Champ Bailey or Dre Bly doesn’t provide much in the way for optimism.
55. Drew Carter (CAR) – 2 TD’s last week make him worth a look, but only if you are desperate at the WR position.
56. Dwayne Bowe (KC) – He will start in place of the injured Kennison. He looked good in week 1, but the Bear’s hard nosed secondary make this rookie a last resort.
57. Jason Avant (PHI) – A great pre season for the second year receiver and an even better week 1. He is still McNabb’s 4th or 5th option at best, making him a liability in the fantasy world. Keep an eye on him for good measure; things have a way of changing.
58. Shaun McDonald (DET) – Shocking week 1 performance gets him ranked, but don’t be convinced of an encore in week 2.
59. Joe Jurevicius (CLE) – He has minimal upside this week. Expect a 3 or 4 catches for minimal yardage at best.
60. Bobby Engram (SEA) – With Hackett out and Branch not producing. Engram emerges with some fantasy value, all be it, not much.
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