1. Antonio Gates (SD) – He’s coming off a huge week and this week looks promising as well. Always a lock as a starter.
2. Tony Gonzalez (KC) – He wasn’t spectacular in week 1, but neither was the Bear’s defense regarding Charger TE Antonio Gates. He should and will be targeted often.
3. Todd Heap (BAL) – He was robbed of a TD in week 1. We look for him to get it back in week 2 vs. the Jets. Always a solid start.
4. Jason Witten (DAL) – He had an amazing week1 but Miami’s defense won’t be as accommodating. Regardless, he is Romo’s second option with Glenn out, and he will get his touches.
5. Vernon Davis (SF) – To say week 1 was a disappointment for him and fantasy owners alike, would be an understatement. We feel he will rebound with a solid performance against the Rams.
6. Jeremy Shockey (NYG) – This guy should always be your starter, unless you have the unlikely privilege of having Gates on your roster too. Decent match up vs. the Packers this week, no matter who’s throwing him the ball.
7. Alge Crumpler (ATL) – It appears he is still the first option in the Falcon’s passing game, but Jacksonville knows that too. He’s always capable of a big game, but this is a tougher match up than usual.
8. Eric Johnson (NO) – He was Brees’ favorite target in week 1, but mostly because pressure forced Brees to throw short. He won’t get as many chances this week, but it’s obvious Brees’ has him on the radar, especially in emergency situations.
9. Kellen Winslow (CLE) – The Bengal’s safeties will key on him preventing a big day(much like they did Heap last week), but expect moderate success for this emerging star.
10. Heath Miller (PIT) – He’s finally being used in the Pittsburgh offense which is good news for those of you who have him. Decent match up vs. Buffalo.
11. Randy McMichael (STL) – We expect a quality game vs. SF. The Ram’s O-line is beat up which will force Bulger to throw short. In addition the Niner’s great cover corners should keep tabs on Holt and Bruce, leaving McMichael as a candidate to make plays.
12. Bo Scaife (TEN) – We expected more of Scaife last week. We expect more of him this week. The Colt’s only defensive weakness in week 1 was keeping up with the TE. You combine that with the fact that Young looks to him first and you may have a recipe for success.
13. Chris Cooley (WAS) – With the Skins starting RT out. Cooley will be called upon more as a blocker to help the injured player’s rookie replacement. That said, he will easily improve on his 1 catch performance a week ago.
14. Mercedes Lewis (JAC) – We really like this kid, and apparently so does Jag’s QB David Garrard. This sleeper is one to watch and could emerge as a legitimate talent for your fantasy team.
15. Jeff King (CAR) - 5 catches last week makes him a potential sleeper in week 2. Only Steve Smith had more receptions for the Panthers in week 1. He’s still considered a shot in the dark, but we feel he is a worthwhile option for those of you in need of a TE with upside.
16. Dallas Clark (IND) – He is always a risk as a starter, but he has big play potential. He usually always contributes when healthy and typically with a long reception or a TD, but he tends to go unheard from after that. Chris Hope at safety presents a tough challenge this week.
17. Ben Watson (NE) – He had a TD last week but was used sparingly otherwise. We expect a little more in the reception and yardage categories, but minus the TD.
18. L.J. Smith (PHI) – He should improve on last week’s disappointment, but we still believe he is over rated and a questionable fantasy starter.
19. Desmond Clark (CHI) – With Greg Olson out, he has the TE position all to himself. He had decent numbers last week and should equal them this week.
20. Donald Lee (GB) – Even splitting time at TE with Bubba Franks, Lee pulled in 4 receptions last week. He could be a week 2 sleeper.
21. Owen Daniels (HOU) – He had only 1 catch last week and appears to be a last resort for Schaub. He is a streaky TE that can get hot at any time, but they have to get him the ball. Not recommended until Schaub proves that he needs him.
22. Zach Miller (OAK) – We really feel this rookie has a lot of fantasy upside. He had 3 receptions in his first ever start, and look for him to be used more and more throughout the season. Good match up with Denver’s star corners blanketing the wide outs.
23. David Martin (MIA) – He was a big let down in week 1. The potential is there, but Green has to find him. Week 2 offers a so so match up.
24. Marcus Pollard (SEA) – He was a nice surprise in week 1. Week 2 is not as promising as he faces a defense that shut down Vernon Davis last week.
25. Daniel Graham (DEN) – Not a good match up and Denver’s system provides little to TE’s. He is a good TE in a bad place for tight ends, not to mention he is sharing the position.
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