1. Peyton Manning(NO@IND)- Facing an improved defense which ranked 3rd in pass defense in 06’, but they didn’t face this guy
2. Drew Brees(NO@IND)- Plays big on the road and should chew up the Colts downgraded secondary
3. Tom Brady(NE@NYJ)-He wasn’t spectacular in either game vs. the Jets last season, but he also didn’t have the weapons he has now
4. Donovan McNabb(PHI@GB)-Even at 75%, this matchup bodes well for McNabb, went for 4 td’s against them last season and not much has changed for GB’s defense
5. Matt Hasselbeck(TB@SEA)-We think he will return to form against an aging TB defense
6. Eli Manning(NYG@DAL)-Not always reliable, but he always plays well against rival Dallas
7. Alex Smith(ARI@SF)-New weapons should improve his consistency, especially against a weak Arizona secondary
8. Marc Bulger(CAR@STL)-He had his worst game of 06’ against Carolina on the road, it won’t happen in 07’ at home
9. Matt Leinart(ARI@SF)-He has the tools in the WR corps to do some damage in this one
10. Carson Palmer(BAL@CIN)-High powered offense, but he tends to struggle a bit against Baltimore’s high powered defense, not his best match up week1
11. Jay Cutler(DEN@BUF)-He has a great offense around him, great coaching, and now experience, he will have little trouble picking apart a dreadful Buffalo defense
12. Ben Roethlisberger(PIT@CLE)-He’s not a great fantasy qb, but you won’t know it against Cleveland in week 1
13. Steve McNair(BAL@CIN)-We don’t expect a monster game for McNair in this one, but he won’t make you look bad against a mediocre Cinci D
14. Tony Romo(NYG@DAL)-The only reason he is not ranked higher this week is because he was sooo bad vs. the Giants last season
15. Joey Harrington(ATL@MIN)-This may seem like a stretch, but the fact is, the Vikings secondary couldn’t shut me down
16. Matt Schaub(KC@HOU)-Talented qb his shot, if the O line can keep him off the turf, he should have decent numbers
17. Trent Green(MIA@WAS)-This aging qb is kind of a mystery in Miami, the potential is there but until we see a couple of games, he will remain just that
18. Brett Favre(PHI@GB)-He will come out gunning, what happens after that is anyone’s guess, 44.2 qb rating vs. PHI in 06’
19. Jake Delhomme(CAR@STL)-Too many poor decisions make him a risk in week 1
20. David Garrard(TEN@JAC)-He finally gets his shot and he can’t possibly screw it up too bad against the Titans
21. Phillip Rivers(CHI@SD)-He tends to struggle a bit against great defense and the Bears have a great defense
22. Vince Young(TEN@JAC)-If he doesn’t start strong, the Jaguar defense will chew up the Madden cover boy
23. Jeff Garcia(TB@SEA)-An awful O line and little in the way of weapons hamper his chances in Tampa
24. J.P. Losman(DEN@BUF)-Denver’s secondary is way too strong for us to believe this will be a positive opening week for Losman
25. Jason Campbell(MIA@WAS)-He’s a work in progress which means it not a good week to face a tough Miami pass rush
26. Jon Kitna(DET@OAK)-He will put it up a ton, but Oakland’s secondary may end up with too many of the receptions
27. Chad Pennington(NE@NYJ)-New England’s defense is just too much to overcome
28. Rex Grossman(CHI@SD)-Charger pass rush will have him on the run all day and he’s not a running qb
29. Daunte Culpepper(DET@OAK)-If you saw this offense last season, you know why he is toward the bottom of the list, but there’s always hope
30. Damon Huard(KC@HOU)-Did you see him in pre season? enough said
31. Charlie Frye(PIT@CLE)-Don’t be surprised to see Brady Quinn by the 3rd quarter, tough match up
32. Tarvaris Jackson(ATL@MIN)-Even with a beast of an offensive line, he’s not to be trusted. More int’s than td’s in 06’.
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