8 Greatest Treadmill Fails Ever

So what makes a great treadmill fail? Glad we asked. It's a combination of things—bravado, followed by sincere shock, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to regain your balance, and ending with a spectacular albeit hilarious crash. Oh, and someone video taping the whole thing. And with that, we give you the Greatest Treadmill Fails Ever.

8. Wait for it…wait for it.

7. There's dumb. And then there's this guy trying a handstand on a moving treadmill.

6. I'm no physicist, but this is EXACTLY what I thought would happen.

5. This one is fabulous for the fact that, despite the kid being in desperate need of help, his friends just laugh. Well, until he's launched into another machine.

4. Nice hat.

3. Let's GO GIRLS! Let's GOOO--ooooh sh#t!

2. The best part? When the "gangsta's" shoes fly off.

1. God bless this dude. He tries to save himself about 20 times before finally biting it, and proclaiming "That's not funny!" He's wrong. It's VERY funny!
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