Our 5 Favorite Fake Madden 2012 Covers

As the battle rages on to see whether Peyton Hillis or Michael Vick will grace the cover of Madden 2012, some fans have already started making their own. And while the real cover will be announced on April 27, we decided to round up our five favorite fake covers to celebrate the Year of the Lockout, er, we mean the 2012 season.

5. HOW TO PLAY: You just stare at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for two hours while he keeps saying, "Uh, no."

4. HOW TO PLAY: You see how many "Yo Mamma" jokes you can take from Cortland Finnegan before you completely lose your sh*t and punch him until your hand hurts. Typically, the game lasts about 45 seconds.

3. HOW TO PLAY: Similar the No. 5 game, except you choose to be Roger Goodell or DeMaurice Smith. You can decide to say things like, "Not gonna happen," "Unacceptable, sir!" "No, you shut up!" and "How are we suppose to feed our families on $3 million a year?"

2. HOW TO PLAY: Basically, you're JP Losman just sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, praying for a lockout. And then you play to not throw interceptions. Followed by more praying that you don't get cut again.

1. HOW TO PLAY: This "Replacements" edition involves lots of bad acting, bizarre trick plays, impromptu singing of "I Will Survive" and horrible catchphrases, "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever." You'll only ever play it once.
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