10 Awesome Athlete Courtroom Sketches to Celebrate Barry Bonds' Trial

To celebrate the Barry Bonds perjury trial (and yes, we came up with this idea at 2 am this morning), we decided to put together some of our favorite courtroom sketches of sports personalities.

NBA player Allen Iverson back in 2002 following his arrest for a domestic dispute. Two things of note. 1) Iverson is wearing a t-shirt in court. Judges love that. 2) Is it us, or does his attorney in the middle look REALLY nervous?

This is from 2007 when Barry Bonds is talking about how he's never done steroids. We love how big the sketch artist drew his steroid-boosted head.

 Yep, more Barry Bonds. Is it us, or does it look like everyone on Bonds' defense team is on steroids? Kudos to the artist for the subtle implications.

According to this sketch artist, Don King is 7 feet tall.

Knicks coach Isiah Thomas stood trial for sexual harrassment at Manhattan Federal court in September 2007. We enjoy the look of deep contemplation on Thomas' face. And the fact that, despite being in the courtroom, everyone is watching the trial on their laptop and a 53-inch Plasma TV. 

From the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case in 2004. We love how much time and effort the artist put into the flags in the background but didn't feel that legs were necessary.

Francisco José Rodríguez (aka K-Rod) was arrested for assault in 2010. According to the sketch, he just came from a nightclub where squiggly shirts are required.

If these sketches from Michael Vick's trial prove anything, it's that horizontal stripes do make you look fatter...and look a little Chinese.

Sorry, no great athlete sketch artist post would be complete without OJ Simpson, who is apparently about to crack a walnut with his bare hands.
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