NFL Fantasy Football QB Rankings (With Comments)

1. Tom Brady (NE) Bye Week 4 While it would be a stretch to expect him to duplicate last season’s phenomenal output, Brady remains your best bet for a fantasy QB.

2. Peyton Manning (IND) Bye Wk. 4 He may have lost his status as the “best” fantasy football QB, but Manning remains one of the few elite fantasy performers at his position. He is arguably the most consistent and durable QB in the NFL.

3. Tony Romo (DAL) Bye Week 10 With a stellar 2007 campaign under his belt, you have to consider him as one of the top fantasy QB options. Romo continues to top himself season after season, and with plenty of weapons in his arsenal, expect another monster effort.

4. Drew Brees (NO) Bye Week 9 After a miserable beginning in ’07, Brees closed out the season as strong as any fantasy QB. Brees should forego the drama that caused many fantasy owners to push the panic button early in ’07. Expect strong fantasy production from start to finish.

5. Derek Anderson (CLE) Bye Wk. 5 He was arguably the biggest sleeper in the history of fantasy football last season, and with a full compliment of weapons back at his disposal, Anderson is wide awake for ’08. While it would be a tall order to repeat last season’s lofty numbers, he has the tools to get it done. UPDATE: After experiencing complications resulting from his recent concussion, there is a chance that Anderson could be questionable for week 1.

6. Carson Palmer (CIN) Bye Week 8 While he was more inconsistent than most fantasy owners would have liked last season, Palmer did throw for a career best 4,131 yards in 2007. If Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh get back on board, there is no reason why Palmer shouldn’t be one of the best fantasy QB’s this season.

7. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) Bye Wk. 6 After rebounding from a mediocre ’06 season, Roethlisberger proved that he still has the chops to be one of most solid fantasy QB’s out there. He accounted for 3,356 total yards, 34 TD’s, and only 11 interceptions in ’07. Roethlisberger should be able to repeat in both production and efficiency in ’08.

8. Donovan McNabb (PHI) Bye Wk. 7 He seemed to have regained his focus and confidence as the ’07 season progressed. McNabb is not the most durable fantasy QB, nor is he as fleet of foot as he once was, but if he can remain healthy for the entire season, he has plenty left in the tank.

9. Brett Favre (NYJ) Bye Wk. 5 After 16 years in basically the same offense in Green Bay, he will have to make the difficult transition into a new one with the Jets. There will likely be some bumps in the road, but if anyone can pull it off, it is Brett Favre. The man simply knows how to find receivers and put it in the end zone. He should have little trouble doing just that with weapons such as Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery at his disposal. Playing with a chip on his shoulders doesn’t hurt matters either.

10. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) Bye Wk. 4 He threw for 3,966 yards and 28 TD’s in ’07, both career bests. He is often underestimated in the fantasy football world, and while his numbers in ’08 are unlikely to match those of ’07, he should at least be in the neighborhood. UPDATE: Hasselbeck will now be without his top WR's Bobby Engram and Deion Branch until likely mid-season. Hasselbeck is still a solid QB, but his arsenal of weapons appears to be shrinking by the day. If unproven wide outs Courtney Taylor and Ben Obamanu can step up in starting roles, Hasselbeck should be just fine.

11. Marc Bulger (STL) Bye Wk. 5 This season, Bulger has 3 things going for him that were lacking during last season’s sub-par fantasy contribution. 1. He is completely healthy 2. His offensive line and supporting cast are all completely healthy 3. He has a new offensive coordinator in Al Saunders that suits his style perfectly. Durability is still an issue, but it would not surprise us if Bulger was the comeback player of the year.

12. Jay Cutler (DEN) Bye Week 8 The growing pains are over and it’s time for this highly-touted signal caller to step to the forefront. He has shown signs that he can be an elite QB, but inconsistency has hampered him from doing so. With a full season under his belt, and a solid progression in his game, Cutler should graduate to the next level of fantasy QB. He could be a steal in your draft.

13. David Garrard (JAX) Bye Week 7 Only Derek Anderson saw his fantasy football stock rise more than David Garrard last season, in regards to QB’s. Not only has he proven to be productive, Garrard has also proven to be one of NFL’s most efficient passers, throwing a mere 3 interceptions all of last season. Garrard could have a big year, but his lack of durability is an issue.

S 14. Jake Delhomme (CAR) Bye Wk. 9 Before getting injured a mere 3 games into last season, Delhomme was second only to Tom Brady in fantasy production among QB’s. With Steve Smith, D.J. Hackett, and Muhsin Muhammad at his disposal, Delhomme could be in for a monster year, but there is a huge risk/reward factor with this signal caller. He has suffered serious injuries in each of the last 2 seasons making him a liability.

15. Eli Manning (NYG) Bye Week 4 Yes, he won a Super Bowl and yes, he is Peyton’s brother, but one thing he has not proven to be is a consistent fantasy QB. Some weeks you’ll love him and others you’ll question your sanity for drafting him. Manning should be better than last season, but strap in for a roller coaster ride once again.

S 16. Aaron Rodgers (GB) Bye Wk 8 He has a ton of talent around him and three years studying behind one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. That said, it will be a tall order for him to fill the legendary shoes of Brett Favre, especially after the debacle of Favre’s ensuing return. If Rodgers can handle the pressure, stay healthy, and get through the growing pains of inexperience, he could be a very productive fantasy QB. That said, we like his chances.

17. Jon Kitna (DET) Bye Week 4 Kitna was a fantasy favorite heading into last season, but by most standards failed to live up to his billing. He did throw for more than 4,000 yards and 18 TD’s, but he also accounted for 26 turnovers. He has a great WR corps and a cannon arm, but with a more balanced attack this season under new OC Jim Colletto, his days of throwing the ball 45 times a game are over. Bad news, don’t expect 350 yards per game, good news, fewer turnovers.

18. Matt Schaub (HOU) Bye Week 8 Schaub showed glimpses of brilliance in 2007, but most of his glimpses came from the sidelines due to various injuries. He has all the makings of a stud fantasy QB, but his durability is a huge question mark. If Schaub can manage to stay off the stretcher for the full season, he could be a force.

19. Jason Campbell (WAS) Bye Wk. 10 The best way to describe Campbell is “inconsistent with a lot of potential.” At times last season, he wowed fantasy owners with big performances, and other times they were left scratching their heads. Campbell will be running a whole new offense this season, and if he can master it early and stay healthy, he could be a factor, but those are big question marks.

S 20. J.T. O'Sullivan (SF) Bye Week 9 At this time, O'Sullivan is the heavy favorite to win the starting job at QB for the Niners. While he has almost no regular season experience, O'Sullivan has a great understanding of Mike Martz pass happy system. A system which could potentially produce solid fantasy stats for O'Sullivan. He may be worth rolling the dice on as a back up, but don't get too excited, as he is still unproven. UPDATE:O'Sullivan has now secured the starting QB job with the 49ers. We may be a bit premature in ranking him this high, but we started thinking, When was the last time Mike Martz had a poor fantasy QB under his guidance? He had Kitna in Detroit, as well as Bulger and Warner in St. Louis. All virtually unknown QB's until they worked with Martz. We aren't saying O'Sullivan is the next Kurt Warner, but we aren't saying he couldn't be either. O'Sullivan has much to prove, but he might just be your starting fantasy QB before season's end.

21. Phillip Rivers (SD) Bye Week 9 While Rivers has failed to live up to his potential, there’s still room for optimism this season. He has a ton of talent around him and a great offensive mind in Norv Turner directing him. If Rivers can improve on his consistency, he could provide fantasy owners with decent output, but until he proves worthy, you are best served with him as a backup.

22. Jeff Garcia (TB) Bye Week 10 Week after week, Garcia proved to be one of the NFL’s most efficient signal callers in ’07. Unfortunately, efficiency does not translate well to the fantasy football world. He is a solid QB, but he simply does not score well in fantasy leagues. Garcia would best serve as your back up.

23. Kurt Warner (ARI) Bye Week 7 Warner may be worth a late round draft pick, as the odds are pretty good that he will once again become the Cardinals starting QB at some point based on the last 2 seasons. He is a proven top 10 fantasy QB, but if he’s not on the field, he’s worthless. UPDATE: Warner has not "officially" been named the Cards starting QB, and for that reason alone, we can not rank him any higher with good conscience. If Warner should "officially" be named the starter by week 1, he would immediately garner top 10 QB status.

S 24. Trent Edwards (BUF) Bye Wk. 6 At times last season, Edwards looked like a veteran of 10 years, and during other junctures, he looked more like the rookie that he was. As he enters into his sophomore campaign, he’s likely to struggle through more growing pains, but we like his upside for the future. Edwards may not be fantasy QB1 material as of yet, but he should make for a solid backup.

25. Vince Young (TEN) Bye Week 6 To say the season of ’07 was a disappointment for Young and fantasy owners alike, would be an understatement. With Young’s ability to gain yards and score on the ground, there is still some fantasy potential, but if you are expecting big numbers through the air, look elsewhere. In addition, reports out of camp say that he is struggling in the Titans new offense.

26. JaMarcus Russell (OAK) Bye Wk. 5 The key words for the top pick in the 2007 NFL draft are hope and potential. Russell has a cannon for an arm and the starting job in Oakland is all his. A lack of experience makes him a liability as a fantasy QB, but if you like to gamble, he may be worth drafting as a QB2 that could develop into a starter for you in the not so distant future.

S 27. Matt Ryan (ATL) Bye Wk. 7 The Falcons QB of the future could be starting sooner than later. If Chris Redman falters or the Falcons are losing on a regular basis, it won’t take long for this rookie to get his shot. He has a lot of upside, but he also has a lot to prove as a fantasy football QB. Update: Ryan now appears to have the inside track on the starting job for the Falcons.

28. Chad Pennington (MIA) Bye Week 4 He now finds himself with a fresh start in Miami. Pennington should have little trouble winning the starting job, but his arm strength is a question mark, and he doesn’t exactly have a great deal to work with in the Fins offense. We love the guy, but at best, Pennington is a fantasy back up at this point in his career.

29. Tarvaris Jackson (MIN) Bye Wk. 8 We flat out don’t like this guy as a fantasy QB. But to his credit, he did show solid improvement at the end of last season. While Jackson has limited value as a passing QB, he does have some fantasy value with his ability to score on the ground.

30. Brodie Croyle (KC) Bye Week 6 He has some quality talent around him and a strong arm to boot, but Croyle lacks the decision making skills to be considered a quality fantasy QB. He could prove to be a decent bye week fill in, but he’s probably not worth drafting.

31. Kyle Orton (CHI) Bye Week 8 Orton seems to be neck and neck with Rex Grossman for the Bears starting QB position. While Orton may ultimately win the job, he has limited fantasy potential for the long run. Update: Orton has officially been named the Bears starting QB.

32. Matt Leinart (ARI) Bye Week 7 He has the weapons to be a fantasy dark horse, but this one-time star QB of the future has yet to prove himself in 2 seasons of trying. If he can stay healthy and prevent Kurt Warner from once again stealing his job, Leinart could prove to have decent fantasy value, but based on the past, don’t count on it. UPDATE: While Leinart is still technically in the running for the Cardinals starting QB job, you would be best served looking elsewhere in your draft.

33. Troy Smith (BAL) Bye Wk. 10 It’s anyone’s guess as to who the starting QB for the Ravens will be in week 1, but as of right now, Troy Smith appears to be the likely candidate. He has little to work with and even less experience. The former Heisman winner has looked decent in limited action, but the bottom line is that, he and Kyle Boller, are just keeping the seat warm for QB of the future Joe Flacco.

34. Joe Flacco (BAL) Bye Wk. 10 This promising rookie may still be in the running for the Ravens starting QB job this season. He is still considered a long shot, but may be the starter as early as week 1. Even if Flacco is named the starter, a lack of experience and few weapons in the passing game limit his fantasy value at this time.

35. Brady Quinn (CLE) Bye Week 5 Quinn has little to no chance of winning the Browns starting QB job, but he is potentially one of the better backups in the league. Quinn is not draft worthy at this time, but he is someone to keep in mind if starter Derek Anderson should go down.

S = Sleeper

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