Fantasy Football Goes Green

Far be it from us not to jump on the marketing bandwagon that is all things “green.” As such, our site is “going green.” Don’t believe us? Check out the green tint to the headline. Still skeptical? Here’s a list of the Top 10 things the Mac Bros. plan to do to keep our fantasy football completely green this year.

1. No more using our coal-burning Magic Fantasy Football Pick-Em Machine. From here on out, we’re running on ethanol.
2. To cut down CO2 emissions, we pledge to hold our breath for at least 1 minute each during each football game…or for 30 seconds twice a day, depending on how difficult it is.
3. To save on ink, our fantasy football rankings will now refer to T.J. Houshmandzadeh as T.J. Hooker.
4. No more napkins. We’re just using our sleeve.
5. We promise not to cut down a tree. (We’re too lazy to plant one, so this is our compromise.)
6. We’re turning off 2 of our 18 neon beer signs.
7. Free-range fantasy football widgets.
8. Only use organic face paint.
9. We’re recycling all our wide receiver rankings from 2005.
10. No more giant “#1” foam fingers at sporting events. We’ll just wave our own finger really, really hard.
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