7 Super Bowl Programs We Can't Believe Exist

Ah, the Super Bowl. It's the biggest game of the year and deserves to have a program cover worthy of its sheer awesomeness, right? Uh, apparently not.

Check out 7 actual Super Bowl program covers that we can't believe exist. (Click images to enlarge)
Hey, let's hire that air-brush artist who painted my buddy's van.

Follow me here, we'll have this dude in armor and tights admiring this seashell. Then we'll surround him with birds and an alligator.

I just saw this cool movie called Tron.

Hey, let's hire my Aunt Bev to create our program cover this year.

You wouldn't believe all of the crap in my garage.

Nothing says football like "art deco."

I don't remember them holding Super Bowl XXVI at Superman's ice palace (aka his Fortress of Solitude).

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