1. Tom Brady (NE) – Just when you think it is not possible for Brady to top himself, he does, and makes it look easy in the process. If he does it again this week, Brady will officially become a super hero, and his deal with the Devil should be complete. He is an unquestionable lock for your starting line up against the Redskins in week 8. That is, unless you really have your heart set on Testaverde.
2. Peyton Manning (IND) – He should have a huge day against the Panthers 21st ranked pass defense. Manning is a must start in any league, unless you’re the luckiest guy on earth, and also have Brady on your roster.
3. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – He is having a very solid season through the first 7 weeks. Roethlisberger should make easy work of the Bengals 28th ranked pass defense. Expect a big game, and start him with full confidence this week.
4. Carson Palmer (CIN) – The Bengals offense has had its struggles at times this season, and Palmer has thrown way too many picks, but he remains a top fantasy option. Palmer will face a tough division rival this week in the Steelers. He has a rich history against them, throwing for 6 TD’s in 2 games last season. He should be just fine as your starter in week 8.
5. Donovan McNabb (PHI) – McNabb has not been his typical dominant self this season, but he has been a very efficient QB. He should have the opportunity to step his numbers up drastically this week against the Vikings 32nd-and-last-ranked pass defense. This is a great match up, and a great week to have McNabb starting for your fantasy team.
6. Eli Manning (NYG) – He rarely puts up the kind of numbers his big brother sees on a weekly basis, and he still throws too many interceptions, but Eli is playing strong, consistent football. You can expect more of the same from him this week against the Dolphins in London, so long as the jet lag doesn’t set in. Great match up.
7. Derek Anderson (CLE) – He has done nothing but increase his fantasy value since taking over the Browns starting job. Anderson may be the biggest fantasy surprise of the season. Look for him to take the air show on the road to St. Louis this week, and expect him to continue his transcendence from unknown QB to potential super star, if he isn’t there already.
8. Brian Griese (CHI) – Griese is a threat to go for 300 yards and at least a couple of scores any given week. He has gotten better each week, and faces Detroit’s 30th ranked pass defense. Griese played decently in an earlier meeting with the Lions, but he should be much better this time around, considering that the week 4 meeting was his first start in at least a couple of years. Start Griese with confidence at home this week.
9. Jon Kitna (DET) – Kitna has been fairly quiet in the last few weeks, as the offense has turned more to their running game. The Lions should get back more to their pass first philosophy in week 8. Expect a quality fantasy outing from Kitna who completed 20 of 24 passes for 247 yards, 2 TD’s, and 0 interceptions in a week 4 game against the Bears.
10. Drew Brees (NO) – He is not yet back to the Brees of ’06, but he is slowly but surely heading in the right direction. Brees will be facing a pretty good 49ers pass defense, but he should post solid numbers as this offense continues to get on track.
11. Brett Favre (GB) – Favre will have a big challenge in front of him in the form of a very talented Broncos pass defense. He should be well rested and up to the challenge after the week 7 bye. He should rebound from a disappointing outing against the Redskins. Favre is a little risky this week, but he should probably be in your line up, unless you have a better option.
12. Phillip Rivers (SD) – He is the most unpredictable QB out there. He defies logic each week and makes accurate prognostication, damn near impossible. If it is a bad match up and the odds are stacked against him, he tends to play well. If he has a great match up, and it looks like he could have a big day, he sucks. The addition of Chris Chambers should bring more consistency to his game. The unfortunate news is that he has a good match up this week against the Texans. We like his chances, but who knows?
13. Jay Cutler (DEN) – Cutler is coming off his best game of the season despite throwing two interceptions. If Cutler can limit his picks and continue to increase his TD totals, he could be a top fantasy QB. He is not there yet, but you can expect a decent game against the Packers 22nd ranked pass defense in week 8.
14. Marc Bulger (STL) – There is no question that he has been terrible so far this season, but there are a number of factors that have lead to his demise. Several of those factors should be remedied this week, and with a very favorable match up against the Browns, it may be worth the gamble to stick him in your line up for week 8, but do so at your own risk.
15. Chad Pennington (NYJ) – Pennington had a really nice game last week, and faces the Bills 31st ranked pass D this week. Pennington is very efficient in terms of completion percentage and yardage, but his TD to interception ratio could cost him his starting job. He is not a bad option for your roster in week 8. (Check injury report: ankle)
16. Jeff Garcia (TB) – Garcia continues to be one of the safest starters you can put in your line up, but that also means that he is unlikely to provide a lot in terms of big fantasy production. He is starting to turn the corner though, and his fantasy value is starting to catch up with his actual on field value. Garcia has 5 TD’s in his last 3 games, and has yet to throw an interception all season. We like Garcia a lot, and he is starting to blossom into a great fantasy option, but this week’s match up should put him back in the category of a low risk, low reward option.
17. Vince Young (TEN) – He will almost definitely return from his quad injury in week 8. Young is looking at a decent match up at home against the Raiders. He is a fair to midline option for your roster this week. (Check injury report: quad)
18. Matt Schaub (HOU) – He continues to be productive in terms of yardage, but he has struggled to find the end zone, which is the cornerstone of any great fantasy QB. He may or may not be in the starting line up this week against the Chargers and their 26th ranked pass defense. It is a promising match up, but with the uncertainty of his availability, you may be best served to keeping him on the bench. (Check injury report: hip)
19. Daunte Culpepper (OAK) – He should be considered nothing more than week 8 fill in at this point. The match up against the Titans 24th ranked pass defense looks good on paper, but it will be a tougher game for him than it looks to be. There is a chance he may not even start at all with Josh McCown returning form injury this week, so it would be a good idea to check his status as Sunday approaches.
20. Trent Edwards (BUF) – Edwards is now the so-called permanent QB for Buffalo. He has proven to be a pretty efficient QB, and that he knows how to win games. Unfortunately, those things do not translate into fantasy points. Use him as a bye week fill in or emergency option only.
21. Jason Campbell (WAS) – He is coming off of probably the worst game of his life (pee-wee included). Campbell should rebound, but it will not be this week against the Patriots. Strongly consider giving Campbell the week off.
22. Cleo Lemon (MIA) – Considering the situation he has been thrown into, Lemon has not done a horrible job. Never the less, he is much too risky to consider starting unless you are in very bad need of a QB this week.
23. Alex Smith (SF) – Smith should return to the starting line up this week, and the match up looks very good against the Saints 26th ranked pass defense. Even with a great match up, Smith will likely struggle, as he has done consistently all season. He should ride the pine on your fantasy roster until he proves himself worthy. (Check injury report: shoulder, full practice, probable)
24. Kelly Holcomb (MIN) – It is unclear if he will be named the starter in place of the injured Tarvaris Jackson this week, but it looks probable. In any case, he is a much better QB than Jackson, but he still does not offer a lot in terms of fantasy value. This offense revolves around Adrian Peterson and the running game. Holcomb has potential, just not so much in this particular offense.
25. David Carr (CAR) – (UPDATE: Testaverde will start in place of Carr.) Carr may be back in the starting line up this week against the Colts. The injury should be a non issue at this point, and Carr’s playing time rests on the shoulders of the coaching staff. He has been pretty bad in the games he has played in, so our best advice is to ignore Carr in your line up, even if he does start or play in the game. (Check injury report: back, full practice, probable)
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