Tom Brady’s Top 10 To-Do List

Recently the Mac Bros. came into possession of a Top 10 To-Do List stuck to QB Tom Brady’s refrigerator. Unfortunately, his handwriting sucks, so this is all we could decipher.

1. Go undefeated in regular season.
2. Prank call players from undefeated ’72 Dolphins team, posing as Amanda Huggenkiss.
3. Humiliate current Dolphins team (check)
4. Learn to bake bread. (check)
5. Crush NFL TD records…all of them.
6. Get on, and win, “Dancing with the Stars.”
7. Win another Super Bowl and MVP award.
8. Knock up hot chick…and not get married (check)
9. Make rap record titled “Tom Brady Is Off the Hizzle”
10. Watch “Pretty Woman” without crying.
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