1. Pittsburgh(@CLE)—Strong against the run and the Browns have little in way of a passing attack
2. San Diego(CHI)—They will be all over Grossman and the Bears
3. Jacksonville(TENN)—This defense is often overlooked, but playing the Titans at home in week 1 should open everyone’s eyes
4. New England(@NYJ)—Even with Richard Seymour out and Rodney Harrison suspended, they are too much for the Jets
5. Chicago(@SD)—The NFL’s most feared defense faces a tough challenge in L.T., but he can’t do it all, every play
6. Baltimore(@CIN)—High powered defense vs. high powered offense, not their best match up, but defense usually wins
7. Denver(@BUF)—Bailey and Bly will make it tough on Losman and the Bills
8. Minnesota(ATL)—League’s best run defense will shut down Atlanta’s best weapon, a running game
9. Miami(@WSH)—Tough veteran squad should hold Skins offense at bay
10. Seattle(TB)—Key additions will help slow down a Bucs offense with few weapons
11. Dallas(NYG)—Improved secondary and a run stuffing mentality help alot, but the Giants always give them trouble
12. Philadelphia(@GB)—If they can shut down Favre, and they should, could be a big day for the Eagles D
13. Oakland(DET)—underrated D matches up nicely against Detroit
14. Atlanta(@MIN)—Solid against the run, but they have no pass rush. Lucky for them the Vikings are a running team
15. San Francisco(ARI)—On paper, they are the leagues most improved defense, the Cardinal WR’s may show otherwise
16. Carolina(@STL)—Solid defense was able to shut down the high powered Rams offense in 06’, can they do it again this year?
17. Washington(MIA)—This defense has nowhere to go but up, should come ready to play against a mystery Dolphins offense
18. Kansas City(@HOU)—Mediocre defense will have a mediocre game vs. the Texans
19. Green Bay(PHI)—Did virtually nothing to improve a mid-range defense, that doesn’t exactly translate into success against the Eagles
20. Detroit(@OAK)—Potentially the NFL’s worst defense of 07’ may actually struggle against the WORST offense of 06’ in the Raiders, and this may be their best match up all year
21. Cincinnati(BAL)—Couldn’t stop the pass a year ago and they won’t stop McGahee this year
22. Jets(NE)—slightly improved, but the Pats bring too much firepower to town
23. Houston(KC)—If KC’s offense plays like they did in preseason this bad defense may look decent, but we doubt it
24. Tampa Bay(@SEA)-Aging defense vs. Aging offense, difference is Seattle’s offense is still good
25. Arizona(@SF)—Smith and Gore should chew them up and spit them out
26. Giants(@DAL)—Strahan is back, but they will still struggle with America’s team
27. St. Louis(CAR)—Swiss cheese D can’t stop the run, Foster and Williams will tag team them all day
28. Buffalo(DEN)—A bad defense turned awful, the Broncos will have their way with them
29. Tennessee(@JAC)—League’s worst defense did little to improve, Jaguar backs are salivating in anticipation for this one
30. Cleveland(PIT)—New 3-4 scheme should help against the run, but they are still awful
31. New Orleans(@IND)—Improved group no match for Peyton and CO.
32. Indianapolis(NO)—New Orleans high octane attack will carve them up

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