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January 25, 2011

Super Bowl Salaries: What Players Earn for the Big Game

Sure, it's football's biggest game of the year, but you won't believe just how much cash each player earns (not including their normal salary) for this one, 60-minute game.

Here it is: The winning players—either the Packers or Steelers—in Super Bowl XLV in North Texas on Feb. 6, 2011, will each receive a super-size paycheck to the tune of $83,000, while each member of the losing team will earn $42,000. How does that compare to Super Bowls of the past? Here's a look at the winners' and losers' share from every Super Bowl.


Super Bowl Date Winner (Share) Loser (Share)
XLIV 2-7-10  New Orleans ($83,000) Indianapolis ($42,000)

XLIII 2-1-09 Pittsburgh ($78,000) Arizona ($40,000)
XLII 2-3-08 N.Y. Giants ($78,000) New England ($40,000)

XLI 2-4-07 Indianapolis ($73,000) Chicago ($38,000)
XL 2-5-06 Pittsburgh ($73,000) Seattle ($38,000)
XXXIX 2-6-05 New England ($68,000) Philadelphia ($36,500)
XXXVIII 2-1-04 New England ($68,000) Carolina (36,500)
XXXVII 1-26-03 Tampa Bay ($63,000) Oakland ($35,000)
XXXVI 2-3-02 New England ($63,000) St. Louis ($34,500)
XXXV 1-28-01 Baltimore ($58,000) N.Y. Giants ($34,500)
XXXIV 1-30-00 St. Louis ($58,000) Tennessee ($33,000)
XXXIII 1-31-99 Denver ($53,000) Atlanta ($32,500)
XXXII 1-25-98 Denver ($48,000) Green Bay ($29,000)
XXXI 1-26-97 Green Bay ($48,000) New England ($29,000)
XXX 1-28-96 Dallas ($42,000) Pittsburgh ($27,000)
XXIX 1-29-95 San Francisco ($42,000) San Diego ($26,000)
XXVIII 1-30-94 Dallas ($38,000) Buffalo ($23,500)
XXVII 1-31-93 Dallas ($36,000) Buffalo ($18,000)
XXVI 1-26-92 Washington ($36,000) Buffalo ($18,000)
XXV 1-27-91 N.Y. Giants ($36,000) Buffalo ($18,000)
XXIV 1-28-90 San Francisco ($36,000) Denver ($18,000)
XXIII 1-22-89 San Francisco ($36,000) Cincinnati ($18,000)
XXII 1-31-88 Washington ($36,000) Denver ($18,000)
XXI 1-25-87 N.Y. Giants ($36,000) Denver ($18,000)
XX 1-26-86 Chicago ($36,000) New England ($18,000)
XIX 1-20-85 San Francisco ($36,000) Miami ($18,000)
XVIII 1-22-84 L.A. Raiders ($36,000) Washington ($18,000)
XVII 1-30-83 Washington ($36,000) Miami ($18,000)
XVI 1-24-82 San Francisco ($18,000) Cincinnati ($9,000)
XV 1-25-81 Oakland ($18,000) Philadelphia ($9,000)
XIV 1-20-80 Pittsburgh ($18,000) Los Angeles ($9,000)
XIII 1-21-79 Pittsburgh ($18,000) Dallas ($9,000)
XII 1-15-78 Dallas ($18,000) Denver ($9,000)
XI 1-9-77 Oakland ($15,000) Minnesota ($7,500)
X 1-18-76 Pittsburgh ($15,000) Dallas ($7,500)
IX 1-12-75 Pittsburgh ($15,000) Minnesota ($7,500)
VIII 1-13-74 Miami ($15,000) Minnesota ($7,500)
VII 1-14-73 Miami ($15,000) Washington ($7,500)
VI 1-16-72 Dallas ($15,000) Miami ($7,500)
V 1-17-71 Baltimore ($15,000) Dallas ($7,500)
IV 1-11-70 Kansas City ($15,000) Minnesota ($7,500)
III 1-12-69 N.Y. Jets ($15,000) Baltimore ($7,500)
II 1-14-68 Green Bay ($15,000) Oakland ($7,500)
I 1-15-67 Green Bay ($15,000) Kansas City ($7,500)


Anonymous said...

Actually, $15,000.OO in 1967 would be worth about $98,400.00 today. So, arguably, that '67 Packers team did better than the '11 winners will.

Andrew Hill said...

Not only would the original super bowl bonus be higher than today's (after adjusting for inflation), but it would also represent a much more significant bonus vis-a-vis the base salary of the average player. The league minimum in 1970 was $10,000 for veterans. Today, it's over $400k for 4th-year players, and it goes up from there. That's a 40x increase in the minimum. And the top end has risen even more. Thus, the worst-paid veterans in 1970 received a 150% bonus for winning the super bowl. Today, it's less than 25%.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where Andrew got his info but well done. Considering the league minimum / SB bonus is where it is compared to 1970 league min / SB bonus, it appears what they are now playing for is purely the glory and name of Super Bowl Champs and rightly so. The bonus is a nice vacation. I wonder what the teams (owners) make.

Joel said...

Let us also not forget the beautiful Cadillac the SB MVP receives. In most cases, the MVP of the game is also the highest-paid player on the team and receives a vehicle that he doesn't that is sometimes worth more than the SB bonus for the winning team.

Anonymous said...

Well I am sure that quite a few of these guys also get contract bonuses for winning too. You don't think guys like Manning/Brady/Brees have a million dollar bonus in his contract? What you are seeing here is just what the league kicks in. I'd think that a lot of the higher paid players donate their SB check to their favorite charity.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about these bonuses? Look at, which reports that "Each Steeler can earn an additional $142,000 for winning the Super Bowl..."

Anonymous said...

When New England won the Super Bowl, the one that Brady stole from OAKLAND WHEN HIS FORWARD PASS WAS A FUMBLE. He should have given his share to Oakland.If Brady had been a golfer he would called it a fumble. He knows it and so does everyone else. Biggest case of grand larceny since the days of Al Capone

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this cause It really sucks...sports is overpaid at it's max...all of them

Heather said...

Sports players are not overpaid... they are paid what we are willing to pay them to watch good sport: amazing physical talent, well-laid plans and split second decision-making. Sport epitomizes the best and the worst of the human spirit -- and we're addicted to it. I, for one, don't feel I'm paying too much for my season football tickets.

Anonymous said...

You said....Hate to say this cause It really sucks...sports is overpaid at it's max...all of them

Name 3 people outside of the players in the NFL that can do what they do. Just a measly 3 people. You can train almost any brain in college to be a CEO of a company and they can make millions per year, but there are only so many God given talented players that can do what an NFL player does. That's a grand total of about 1775 total player on 32 total teams. Most of these guys are UNDER paid. Hell, I believe rookie league minimum is $300,000. Some day look at the average lifespan of an NFL player. Over paid huh?

Simon said...

^ What about the athletes at the olympics, most of whom aren't even professionals? Are you telling me that none of the wrestlers could have been lineman, had they been born in america and taken through the high school system? Pole vaulters wide receivers? Just saying that compared to other athletes, I'd be happy to name you hundreds of equally talented sportsmen who don't get paid nearly enough yet have the same amount of talent.

Maia Dobson said...

These players aced the game bringing home loads of money. I think it took complete payroll solutions to give just computations on their salaries.