Week 7 Game Time Decisions (Injury Report)

The following players are listed as ACTIVE for week 7:
QB - Aaron Rodgers (GB)
RB - Frank Gore (SF)
RB - Jerome Harrison (CLE)
WR - Greg Jennings (GB)
WR - Percy Harvin (MIN)
WR - Antonio Bryant (TB)
WR - Michael Crabtree (SF)
WR - Donnie Avery (STL)
WR - Josh Cribbs (CLE)

The following players will NOT BE ACTIVE for week 7:
QB - Trent Edwards (BUF)
RB - Sammy Morris (NE)
WR - Julian Edelman (NE)
WR - Jordy Nelson (GB)
WR - Anthony Gonzalez (IND)
TE - Steve Heiden (CLE)
K - Adam Vinatieri (IND)

The following players are probable:
RB - Clinton Portis (WAS)
WR - Chad Ochocinco (CIN)
WR - Anquan Boldin (ARI)
WR - Steve Breaston (ARI)
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