Behold the High School Dunking Phenom (VIDEO)

We've seen a lot of dunking before, but this kid—Shaquille Johnson—is spectacular. Hailing from Alpharetta (GA) Milton High School, the upcoming senior stands 6'4" and makes it look effortless as he spins, twirls, windmills and more on his way to slamming the ball. He's so good, he even makes us believe we could dunk. (UNFORTUNATE FACT 1: Despite lowering our backyard goal to 8 feet and using a step stool, we are still unable dunk. UNFORTUNATE FACT 2: We are both over 6 feet tall. Damn you, gravity!)

Still, Air Shaq (yes, that's what we're calling him) has to be the greatest high school dunker we've ever seen. See for yourself.

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