2011 NFL Preseason Dates & Times

The dates and kickoff times of the 64-game NFL preseason schedule have been announced, beginning with five games on Thursday, Aug. 11, including a nationally televised game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers on ESPN (8 p.m. ET).

The complete 2011 NFL preseason schedule:

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 11 – 15

Thursday, August 11

                                                                                                                            Local             Eastern

Seattle at San Diego                                                       ESPN                      5:00p (PT)           8:00p
Jacksonville at New England                                                                          7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Baltimore at Philadelphia                                                                                 7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Denver at Dallas                                                                                             7:30p (CT)           8:30p
Arizona at Oakland                                                                                          7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Friday, August 12

Tampa Bay at Kansas City                                              FOX                       7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Miami at Atlanta                                                                                              7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Cincinnati at Detroit                                                                                         7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Pittsburgh at Washington                                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p
San Francisco at New Orleans                                                                      7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Saturday, August 13

Green Bay at Cleveland                                                                                  7:30p (ET)           7:30p
NY Giants at Carolina                                                                                     8:00p (ET)           8:00p
Buffalo at Chicago                                                                                          7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Indianapolis at St. Louis                                                                                  7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Minnesota at Tennessee                                                                                 7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Monday, August 15

NY Jets at Houston                                                         ESPN                      7:00p (CT)           8:00p

WEEK 2 – AUGUST 18-22

Thursday, August 18

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh                                                 FOX                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p
New England at Tampa Bay                                                                           7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Friday, August 19

Atlanta at Jacksonville                                                     FOX                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p
Washington at Indianapolis                                                                              7:00p (ET)           7:00p
Kansas City at Baltimore                                                                                 7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Detroit at Cleveland                                                                                         7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Carolina at Miami                                                                                            7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Arizona at Green Bay                                                                                     7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Saturday, August 20

New Orleans at Houston                                                                                 7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Tennessee at St. Louis                                                                                    7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Oakland at San Francisco                                                                              5:00p (PT)           8:00p
Buffalo at Denver                                                                                           6:30p (MT)           8:30p
Minnesota at Seattle                                                                                        7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Sunday, August 21

San Diego at Dallas                                                         NBC                       7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Cincinnati at NY Jets                                                                                       7:00p (ET)           7:00p

Monday, August 22

Chicago at NY Giants                                                     ESPN                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p

WEEK 3 – AUGUST 25-28

Thursday, August 25

Washington at Baltimore                                                 ESPN                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p
Carolina at Cincinnati                                                                                      7:00p (ET)           7:00p
Cleveland at Philadelphia                                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p

Friday, August 26

Green Bay at Indianapolis                                                CBS                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p
St. Louis at Kansas City                                                                                  7:00p (CT)           8:00p

Saturday, August 27

New England at Detroit                                                    CBS                        8:00p (ET)           8:00p
Jacksonville at Buffalo                                                                                    7:00p (ET)           7:00p
NY Jets at NY Giants                                                                                      7:00p (ET)           7:00p
Atlanta at Pittsburgh                                                                                        7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Miami at Tampa Bay                                                                                       7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Dallas at Minnesota                                                                                         7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Houston at San Francisco                                                                               5:00p (PT)           8:00p
Chicago at Tennessee                                                                                    7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Seattle at Denver                                                                                            7:00p (MT)           9:00p
San Diego at Arizona                                                                                     7:00p (MST)        10:00p

Sunday, August 28

New Orleans at Oakland                                                 NBC                        5:00p (PT)           8:00p



Thursday, September 1

Detroit at Buffalo                                                                                             6:30p (ET)           6:30p
Indianapolis at Cincinnati                                                                                 7:00p (ET)           7:00p
Baltimore at Atlanta                                                                                         7:30p (ET)           7:30p
St. Louis at Jacksonville                                                                                  7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Dallas at Miami                                                                                                7:30p (ET)           7:30p
NY Giants at New England                                                                             7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Philadelphia at NY Jets                                                                                   7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Tampa Bay at Washington                                                                              7:30p (ET)           7:30p
Pittsburgh at Carolina                                                                                      8:00p (ET)           8:00p
Cleveland at Chicago                                                                                      7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Kansas City at Green Bay                                                                              7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Houston at Minnesota                                                                                     7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Tennessee at New Orleans                                                                            7:00p (CT)           8:00p
Denver at Arizona                                                                                           7:00p (PT)          10:00p
San Francisco at San Diego                                                                           7:00p (PT)          10:00p

Friday, September 2

Oakland at Seattle                                                                                           7:30p (PT)          10:30p
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