Basketball's Greatest Fan Performances

From free-throw distracting Speedo moves to amazing JumboTron dances, basketball fans will do anything to help their team win. And we mean ANYTHING. Check out the best of the best, including this tip of the cap to Valentine's Day, courtesy of Utah State's greatest fan.

6. Wild Bill as Cupid, Among Others
Considering it's Valentine's Day, it only seems right to start with mega free-throw distractor Wild Bill, a Utah State fan who dresses up as characters, including (gulp) Cupid. He is a spectacular specimen of a man, in a Chris Farley sort of way.

5. The Silver-Haired Dance Machine
I want to party with this guy, preferably at a Lakers game.

4. This Guy Can Really Beat It
I thought Michael Jackson was dead. But now I'm not so sure.

3. Who Says White Guys Can't Dance?
You've heard of the phrase "giving a 110%." Witness it in action.

2. Enumclaw H. S. Dancing Fan
There are no words.

1. Speedo Guy
When someone does a TV special on you, you're doing something right. Well, unless Chris Hansen shows up.
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