Fantasy Football Week 2 QB Rankings

1. Peyton Manning (IND) – After knocking the rust off in week 1, Manning should turn in a much better performance in week 2. He will face a suspect Vikings pass defense that looked very shaky at times against the Packers. As usual, Manning is a must start.

2. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – Despite leaving last week’s game in the third quarter with a sore shoulder, Roethlisberger should be good to go in week 2. He has a very appealing match up against the Browns. In 2 games against Cleveland last season, Roethlisberger passed for 6 TD’s and only 1 interception. He should be in for another big game, especially considering how poor the Browns secondary played against Dallas in week1. Check injury report: shoulder

3. Aaron Rodgers (GB) – Sure, it was only one game, but Rodgers week 1 performance was compelling enough to convince us that he is a legitimate fantasy QB with top shelf potential, especially given the circumstances. Rodgers was extremely impressive in his first ever start and his numbers would have been even more impressive if not for a couple of ticky tack penalties. He still has much to prove, but the week 2 match up against a horrible Lions defense is too promising to pass on. If he is able to carry the momentum of week 1 into this week, look out!

4. Drew Brees (NO) – He passed through week 1 with flying colors and a week 2 match up at Washington looks equally promising. Losing his go to WR Marques Colston for 4 – 6 weeks is a blow that will affect him to some extent, but he still has a good cast of weapons, and should maintain his top 10 fantasy QB status. Brees is a no brainer for your fantasy roster this week and every week, with or without Colston.

5. Kurt Warner (ARI) – While Warner did not have the spectacular week 1 that many anticipated, he was solid. We expect him to improve on his week 1 performance at home against a fairly weak Dolphins defense in week 2.

6. Jay Cutler (DEN) - Shocking! That is the first word that comes to mind when you look at Cutler’s week 1 performance. He torched a (supposedly improved) Oakland defense that completely shut him down on 2 separate occasions last season, and he did it without his go to WR Brandon Marshall. Cutler will face a more viable test in week 2 against the Chargers, a team he has also struggled against historically. If he can maintain the amazing chemistry with budding WR Eddie Royal, he should have another big game. The return of Brandon Marshall in week 2 is a huge bonus. We like his chances, and after last week, it will be difficult to ever doubt him again.

7. Eli Manning (NYG) – We all know that Eli Manning is not the most reliable or consistent fantasy QB, but this could be one of those weeks that makes you happy you drafted him. He will face a very weak St. Louis pass defense that was embarrassed by Donovan McNabb and the Eagles in week 1. You probably shouldn’t expect him to equal McNabb’s output, but this may be the most promising match up Manning will have all season.

8. Donovan McNabb (PHI) – Historically, McNabb has had mixed results against Dallas. It will be a tough match up on the road, but after last week’s stand out performance, it would be extremely difficult to sit him in week 2.

9. Tony Romo (DAL) – He has top flight fantasy potential against any opponent in any week, but a week 2 match up at home against Philadelphia is not one that has been good to him historically. In his last 2 home starts against the Eagles, Romo has been worse than bad, completing just 27 of 65 passes for an average of 178 yards passing with just 1 TD and 5 interceptions. He was also sacked a combined 7 times in those 2 games. It really doesn’t make sense considering he has been excellent against Philadelphia on the road. Hopefully, he can end his streak of bad luck at home in this series. Despite the unfavorable match up, Romo has too much talent to leave him on the bench in week 2.

10. Brett Favre (NYJ) – Favre was solid in his Jets debut throwing for 194 yards and 2 TD’s, and more importantly, no interceptions. It was a promising start for fantasy owners and Jets fans alike. He will have his first real test in week 2 at home against a tough Patriots defense, but we like his chances for another solid outing.

11. Derek Anderson (CLE) – Despite a horrible performance from his go to WR Braylon Edwards and a pre game injury to his #2 WR Donte’ Stallworth, Anderson wasn’t half bad given the circumstances. It will be an uphill battle once again in week 2 against a hard nosed Steelers defense, but if Braylon Edwards can return to form, we expect Anderson to rebound nicely. He threw for 3 TD’s and no interceptions in his last game against Pittsburgh.

12. Phillip Rivers (SD) – He had a strong opening week against Carolina throwing for 217 yards, 3 TD’s, and 0 interceptions. Rivers, while typically inconsistent, has a pretty good track record against week 2 opponent Denver. Don’t expect explosive numbers from him in against the Broncos, but he should have a solid game and is worthy of a start in deep fantasy leagues or as a flex option.

13. Jon Kitna (DET) – After falling behind early in week 1 to the Falcons, Kitna was forced into the familiar role of pass, pass, and pass some more. Despite falling short in an attempt to bring his team back, Kitna had a pretty nice fantasy day. It is very likely that Kitna will find himself in that role again in week 2 against a strong Packers team. He is not one of your better week 2 fantasy QB options, but he should have decent production.

14. Carson Palmer (CIN) – He is coming off the worst fantasy performance of his career, completing just 10 of 25 passes for 99 yards, no TD’s, and an interception in week 1 against the Ravens. Unfortunately, it won’t get any easier for Palmer in week 2 as he will face a Titans defense that pummeled David Garrard in week 1. The good news is that Palmer had one of his better games of the ’07 season against Tennessee, and he typically rebounds quickly. He is a very capable QB with plenty of weapons, but after the debacle of last week, you have to consider him a bit risky.

GAME POSTPONED DO NOT START 15. Matt Schaub (HOU) – Schaub did not get off to a great start last week against a tough Steelers team on the road, and after what the Ravens did to Carson Palmer, week 2 does not look especially promising either. Schaub should exceed his week 1 totals at home against Baltimore, but he will be in for another tough match up.

16. Jake Delhomme (CAR) – He didn’t have a stellar day from a fantasy standpoint in his first game back in almost a year, but considering the opponent, and the fact that he led a game winning drive at the end without star WR Steve Smith; it was a promising effort. Delhomme will again be without Smith in week 2, and he will face a resurgent Bears defense, so it will be tough sailing once again. Delhomme could be solid, but you may be better served holding off on starting him until Smith returns, and the match ups get a little better.

17. Matt Cassel (NE) – After losing Tom Brady for the season, Cassel has a chance to become a viable fantasy QB. He was horrible in the pre season, but that was with 2nd and 3rd string talent at his disposal. With the likes of Moss and Welker, Cassel could do some damage. He looked fairly solid filling in for the injured Brady last week, but that is little consolation considering they were playing the Chiefs. It would be risky to throw him into the fire in week 2 at the Jets, but if you are desperate, it could pay off. You are best served taking a way and see approach with Cassel, but in no way should you expect Brady like numbers from him.

18. David Garrard (JAX) – As expected, Garrard struggled last week against the Titans. After seeing the Bills defense in week 1, this week may not be any better for him, especially with Garrard playing behind a make shift offensive line. He should improve slightly on week1, but this is not a safe match up for him, so if you have a better week 2 option, go with him.

19. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – He has a pretty good week 2 match up at home against San Francisco, but after a sub par week 1 and losing the last of his solid WR options (Nate Burleson), it would be a stretch to have high expectations. You may be best served keeping Hasselbeck on the back burner until Deion Branch and/or Bobby Engram return from injury.

20. Chad Pennington (MIA) – He is coming off a pretty solid week 1 in his first start as a Dolphin. A week 2 match up against Arizona also bodes well for him. When you consider that the Dolphins will probably be playing from behind much of the season, you have to expect Pennington will be throwing the ball a lot, which can potentially lead to quality fantasy numbers. Unfortunately, he does not have a lot of quality weapons at his disposal, and consistency will be hard to come by. He is still a #2 QB at best for now.
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