1. Tom Brady (NE) – The Colts pass defense comes into this game ranked first in the NFL, they can expect to leave the game without that honor. As good as the Colts secondary has played; they are no match for Brady and his high powered arsenal of weapons. Brady is a must start in what should be an epic battle between two offensive juggernauts.
2. Peyton Manning (IND) – It is unclear how this week’s match up against New England will pan out, but one thing is clear, and that is that Peyton Manning is one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. He may have some lows in this game, but he is sure to have some highs as well. He has a pretty solid history against the Pats, and don’t forget, he only has to worry about the New England defense, not their offense. You would be certified insane to bench Manning against any opponent.
3. Carson Palmer (CIN) – Palmer continues to produce good, but not great, fantasy numbers. He should be great this week against the Bills 29th ranked pass defense. Start him with confidence.
4. Derek Anderson (CLE) – This guy is no longer considered a sleeper. Anderson has played as well as any QB this season, excluding Brady, and is worthy of the title of top flight fantasy QB. He faces a middle of the road Seattle pass D this week that should not give him too much trouble.
5. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – Hasselbeck is currently battling an oblique injury. He is expected to start, and the injury is such that there should be little to no effect on his performance, it’s more of a discomfort issue. He is likely to have a big game this week against the Browns 31st ranked pass defense. (Check injury report: oblique)
6. Tony Romo (DAL) – He completed less than 50% of his passes, threw for a mere 142 yards, and tossed up 2 picks in his only start against the Eagles last season, but this is a new season, and Romo is a better QB. He may have some difficulties with the Eagles defense, but he brings too much to the table to sit him on the bench.
7. Phillip Rivers (SD) – He only threw 11 passes last week, but that is all he needed, as he completed 7 of them, 3 of which went for TD’s. Rivers is one of the most unpredictable QB’s out there, and given his past match ups, his stat lines teeter on the bizarre. We like his chances for a solid game against the cellar dwelling Vikings pass defense.
8. Brett Favre (GB) – After a tough week 6, Favre was almost flawless against Denver last week. He matches up against a tough Chiefs defense this week, but if he continues to play at his current level, Favre should have little trouble with KC in week 9.
9. Donovan McNabb (PHI) – He has a very rich history against the Cowboys, and he threw for 354 yards and 2 TD’s against them in their last meeting. It is hard to expect numbers of that magnitude with McNabb’s surgically repaired knee, but he is capable of a very good game against a suspect Cowboys secondary.
10. Drew Brees (NO) – He continues to look more and more like the Brees of old with each passing game. This week, Brees faces an underrated Jaguars defense. He should continue to stay on track, and we like his chances for his 4th consecutive solid week.
11. Jay Cutler (DEN) – Cutler has had two of his better games of the season since coming off a bye in week 6. He faces a Lions pass defense that ranks a lowly 30th, so this may be his best opportunity for a monster game.
12. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – He has produced on a fairly consistent and high level, and Roethlisberger has really improved his stock throughout the season. He faces a big test against a Baltimore defense that has given him fits in the past. Do not expect one of his better games, but he has played well to this point, and he should break his awful streak against Baltimore.
13. Jason Campbell (WAS) – Campbell has had two disappointing games in a row, but he should be able to rebound against a Jets defense that is pretty bad all the way around. We like his chances for a solid week 9 performance.
14. Jon Kitna (DET) – Kitna is a great QB that has the potential to go off any week, but he has failed to throw a TD pass since week 4, and the new look Lions offense, seems more likely to run than throw these days. Kitna should break his scoreless streak, but do not expect anything huge from him this week.
15. Jeff Garcia (TB) – He finally broke his games without an interception streak in week 8, and he did it in a big way, throwing 3 picks on the day. Expect Garcia to get back to business as usual this week against the Cardinals. He is likely to have an efficient and semi-productive game.
16. Kurt Warner (ARI) – He should make his second straight start since tearing a ligament in his non throwing elbow. Warner is looking at a difficult match up against the NFL’s 2nd ranked pass defense, but he has the weapons to make a good day of it. You can probably expect at least one interception, but Warner is also very likely to find the end zone at least once. (Check injury report: elbow)
17. J.P. Losman (BUF) – Losman is not a guy we necessarily recommend starting, but the match up against Cincy bodes very well for him. Lee Evans is starting to play well, and the Bengals pass defense has more holes in it than Travis Henry “second hand smoke” story. Losman could have a decent week 9, and may be worth a shot if you are desperate for a starting QB.
18. Damon Huard (KC) – Huard has managed to put up solid numbers in a couple of games this season, but he remains an unreliable fantasy QB. He has a decent match up against a shaky Green Bay secondary that ranks 22nd, but he should only be used as a fill in or emergency option.
19. Josh McCown (OAK) – He is scheduled to replace Culpepper and return to his original role as starting QB. McCown will likely have an average day at best against an average Texans pass defense. He will probably be rusty, and he does not have the tools in place for anything more than a so so day.
20. Steve McNair (BAL) – McNair should be fresh and is said to be throwing the ball very well in practice this week as he looks to return to the starting line up for the first time in over a month. Throwing the ball well in practice is one thing, throwing the ball well against the Steelers top ranked defense is unlikely. McNair is still a decent fantasy QB, but the match up and the timing do not bode well for him in week 9.
21. Vince Young (TEN) – Young had a lot of hype surrounding him as a fantasy QB going into this season, but he has yet to produce much of anything. He is a good QB, and he knows how to win, but he is not yet a good fantasy QB. So, until he proves he has some value in that respect, he is not really worth starting.
22. Joey Harrington (ATL) – The Falcons can’t keep this guy out of the starting line up, no matter how hard they try. Harrington is facing a decent match up against San Francisco, but the offensive line is in shambles, and this offense is just not clicking as a whole. We think Harrington is better than advertised, but he is a bad start so long as the rest of the offense is in the shape it’s in.
23. Sage Rosenfels (HOU) – Rosenfels will likely fill in for the injured Matt Schaub this week, and although he has shown some promise, he is a very risk guy to stick in your line up this week for 3 reasons. 1) He is more likely to throw an interception than a TD 2) the Oakland pass defense is very, very good and 3) he is on the road in front of the intimidating black and silver of the Raider nation
24. Alex Smith (SF) – He has a nice match up against the Falcons 20th ranked pass defense, but he has yet to be anything more than a mediocre fantasy QB this season, and that is being kind.
25. Kellen Clemens (NYJ) – Clemens has finally pushed Chad Pennington out of the starting job. Clemens has played very sparingly this season, and has performed poorly with 4 interceptions compared to only 1 TD. Chad Pennington may get his job back after fans see Clemens against the Washington defense this week. He has a potentially promising future, but he is not ready, and the QB position is not the problem with this team. Unless you are very daring, be smarter than Eric Mangini, and keep him on the bench.

* Other possible options at QB for week 9 include: David Carr (CAR), Quinn Gray (JAC), and either Tarvaris Jackson or Brooks Bollinger (MIN) - Check injury report- if Jackson is healthy, he will start, if not it will be Bollinger
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