1. Pittsburgh (BAL) – This top ranked defense allows fewer points than any other squad in the NFL. In contrast, the Baltimore offense ranks near the bottom of the league in scoring. Throw in the potential for sacks and turnovers, and the Pittsburgh defense should be a lock for your fantasy team in week 9.
2. San Diego (@MIN) – The Charger defense is starting to live up to preseason expectations, giving up an average of 9 points per game in their last three contests. They are strong against the run, and the Vikings passing game is one of the weakest in the NFL, ranking 30th. This defense should have a field day in Minnesota.
3. Tennessee (CAR) –The Titans have had one of the best defensive units all season long, ranking 5th overall. They are looking at a stellar match up against a Carolina offense that has struggled to find the end zone against the better defenses they have faced. The Tennessee defense should have a big day and be in your line up on Sunday.
4. Washington (@NYJ) – This defense was embarrassed last week against New England, but in all fairness, what defense has not been humiliated by the Patriots. They are a much better unit than they showed last week, and this week’s match up against a bad Jets offense in transition should restore your confidence in the Skins D.
5. Baltimore (@PIT) – This will not be one of their easier match ups, but the Ravens defense has had two weeks to prepare, and should be up to the challenge. They rank among the league’s elite in practically every defensive category. This is likely to be a low scoring, defensive shootout, and the Baltimore D should make for a great contributor to your fantasy squad.
6. Tampa Bay (ARI) – This is a good match up for the NFL’s 8th ranked defense. With Kurt Warner battling injury, the Bucs defense should have a strong game against Arizona.
7. Green Bay (@KC) – The Packers have a pretty average defense overall, but their strong point is that they do not give up a lot of points. They face a Kansas City offense that only scores an average of 14.6 points per game. Toss in a couple of Kampman sacks, a turnover or two, and the stage is set for a solid showing by the Green Bay defense.
8. Dallas (@PHI) – Outside of the Detroit game, the Philadelphia offense has been far from stellar. They should have a tough go of it against the Cowboys 6th ranked defense.
9. Carolina (@TEN) – We realize that the Panthers defense has been on the decline since opening day, but they face a Tennessee offense that is showing no sign of a passing game, and consistently struggles to find the end zone. This should be an ugly low scoring affair, which offers this defense a good opportunity to rebound.
10. Oakland (HOU) – They have a great match up against a declining and beat up Houston offense. The Raiders defense is starting to play well, and has allowed no more than 13 points in their last two games. They should make for a nice start in week 9.
11. Jacksonville (@NO) – It may not show up on paper, but this is one of the best defenses in the NFL. They should probably be in your starting line up this week, but they face a tough New Orleans offense that is starting to get their swagger back. As much as we like the Jaguar defense, this will be a bigger test than people think.
12. Kansas City (GB) – This is a solid defense that ranks 6th in points allowed. They face a flashy Green Bay offense this week, but the Chiefs D should be able to hold their own at home.
13. Atlanta (SF) – This may seem like a high ranking for a defense of this quality, but when you look at the scenario, it makes sense. They match up against a bad 49ers offense that only averages around 12 points a game, and they are at home. The Falcons defense should have one of their better weeks, so they could be a nice bye week fill in, if they are available in your league.
14. Denver (@DET) – This defense could be a little risky this week, but they match up pretty well against the Lions. If they can slow Kevin Jones, the Broncos D should have a decent game.
15. New Orleans (JAC) – Believe it or not, this is a top 10 defense against the run, and with David Garrard out again this week, Jacksonville could struggle on offense. This is still a dangerous game for the Saints defense, but we like their chances.
16. Seattle (@CLE) – This will be a tough match up against one of the league’s hottest offenses in Cleveland. The Seahawks defense ranks an impressive 3rd in points allowed, but they are probably not one of your better options this week.
17. New England (@IND) – This is one of the best defenses in the NFL, but a match up with the Colts in Indianapolis will be a huge test. This is a dangerous week to start the Patriots defense.
18. Philadelphia (DAL) – The Eagles have a very solid defense, but week 9 will provide a monster challenge in the form of the potent Cowboys offense. This may not be the best week to have them in your starting line up.
19. Houston (@OAK) – The Texans have been the worst defense in the NFL in recent weeks. They have a promising match up this week against a struggling Raiders offense, but we find it very difficult to recommend the Houston defense for your week 9 line up.
20. Minnesota (SD) – If they can reasonably contain L.T., they should stay in the game, but it is tough to recommend starting a defense that ranks last against the pass and 27th overall versus a hot Chargers offense.
21. Arizona (@TB) – The Cardinals defense is pretty solid between the 20’s, but they give up too many points to be an effective fantasy squad. They face a very efficient Tampa offense that could give them problems this week.
22. Detroit (DEN) – They have a fair match up against Denver this week. Unfortunately, they rank near the bottom in almost every defensive category. The Lions defense seems to be improving, but they are a long way from being good.
23. San Francisco (@ATL) – This is not a bad match up for the Niners defense against the Falcons, but they have been struggling as of late. Without a healthy contribution from the offense, the San Fran D is dead in the water once again.
24. Cincinnati (@BUF) – Fortunately, the Bills offense struggles to score points against almost any defense. Unfortunately, the Bengals defense is awful, and should not even be owned, much less on your starting roster.
25. NY Jets (WAS) – They face a very inconsistent Redskins offense this week, but the bottom line is that the Jets defense is one of the worst in the NFL.
26. Indianapolis (NE) – The Colts have one of the better defenses in the league this year, but we find it hard to believe that they can contain the Patriots offense. This would be a perfect week to let them rest on the bench of your fantasy roster.
27. Buffalo (CIN) – They have shown a vast improvement over the course of the season, but the Bengals offense is way too dangerous. We suggest you give the Bills defense the week off.
28. Cleveland (SEA) – If you have this defense, drop them immediately.
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