1. Randy Moss (NE) – He was a big disappointment by Randy Moss standards last week as Brady looked more to his other receivers. We anticipate that will be the case at times throughout the season in order to take some of the heat off of Moss. Belichick and Brady are both brilliant strategists, and Moss should be back in the fold, in a big way this week, in the showdown with co-undefeated Dallas.
2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh (CIN) –While the Kansas City secondary is much improved over last season, Houshmandzadeh and the Bengals' high-octane passing game should easily overcome the challenge. We expect a huge game from him in week 6.
3. Plaxico Burress (NYG) – He continues to find the end zone on a weekly basis, and is always a favorite target for QB Eli Manning. He will be matched up against CB DeAngelo Hall, who should present a bit of a challenge, but with a big height advantage and comparable speed, there is no indication that Burress will slow down in week 6.
4. Chad Johnson (CIN) – All eyes in the Chiefs secondary will be firmly planted on him this week. Luckily, he has Houshmandzadeh to help open things up for him, and Johnson is too talented to lock down. As always, he is an excellent start.
5. Terrell Owens (DAL) – Romo must find a way to get him the ball this week in order for them to have any chance. T.O. has been held in check the previous two weeks, but he typically steps up in big games, and there is no bigger game for the Cowboys in the regular season than New England.
6. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – He has really picked up the slack in the absence of co-star WR Anquan Boldin. There is a strong possibility that Boldin will also be out in week 6, so expect Fitzgerald to continue his hot streak at home vs. the Panthers.
7. Dwayne Bowe (KC) – He continues to play well and has established himself as a consistent fantasy performer. Bowe’s numbers looked to decline a bit with the return of Eddie Kennison, but a set back with Kennison’s hamstring should keep Bowe in the spotlight. The rookie sensation will face a very suspect Bengals secondary at home. Great match up.
8. Braylon Edwards (CLE) – Edwards is likely to get you a 100-yard game, a TD, or both any given week. He has established himself as a premier fantasy WR, and will likely continue his success this week at home vs. the Dolphins.
9. Donald Driver (GB) – His numbers faded a bit in week 5, but that is to be expected of any top WR from time to time. We anticipate Driver will bounce back this week with a solid game against Washington. He will be challenged by a tough Redskin secondary, but Favre has enough weapons to open things up for him.
10. Steve Smith (CAR) – Smith is still struggling to regain his superstar status under the reign of new QB David Carr. The Panther passing game has taken a nose dive as a whole, and no one has felt the effects more than Smith. The chemistry between the two appears to be building, and we expect Smith to get back on track as soon as this week.
11. Laveranues Coles (NYJ) –He continues to be a strong fantasy starter on a consistent basis. The Eagles secondary is tough, but Coles has the tools to make them look ridiculous. (Check injury report: knee)
12. Santana Moss (WAS) – He will return this week after taking last week off with a groin injury. It looks as though running mate, Randle El, will be absent this week, so look for Campbell to find Moss early and often this week at Green Bay.
13. Torry Holt (STL) – Holt has yet to provide that monster game he is capable of. He is still battling a surgically repaired knee, but has played pretty well under the circumstances. He matches up against a stingy Ravens secondary, but he should provide solid numbers again this week, especially with Isaac Bruce likely out of the line up. (Check injury report: knee)
14. Joey Galloway (TB) – Galloway has really faded in favor of Ike Hilliard over the last two games. We look for him to bounce back in a big way this week at home against the Titans secondary, who have yet to be tested on the road.
15. Marques Colston (NO) – Colston, along with the rest of the Saints offense, has not lived up to expectations. He is a very talented WR with all the necessary skills to be one of the best in the league. We like his match up this week against a Seattle secondary that has struggled against #1 WR’s.
16. Anquan Boldin (ARI) – At this point, it looks unlikely for him to return to the starting line up in week 6. If Boldin does play, we anticipate he will have a nice game barring any set back with the injury. Good match up. (Check injury report: hip)
17. Derrick Mason (BAL) – He continues to light up the stat sheet in receptions and yardage on a weekly basis. The only thing keeping him out of our top 5 is his lack of TD’s (1 TD this season). The Ravens have struggled to find the end zone period, as of late, but they should start to click in the red zone any week now. Solid match up.
18. Bobby Engram (SEA) – He will slide into the starting lineup this week in place of the injured Deion Branch. Engram has been a solid contributor this season off of the bench, and we expect bigger and better things from him as a starter. He is a solid start this week for your fantasy line up.
19. Kevin Curtis (PHI) – It is fairly difficult to evaluate his fantasy value on a weekly basis due to his inconsistent play. The odds are definitely in Curtis’ favor against a poor Jets secondary this week. We look for him to have one of his better weeks.
20. Chris Chambers (MIA) – He has been AWOL the last couple of weeks in the defunct Dolphin’s passing game. It is difficult to anticipate what to expect from him with new QB Cleo Lemon at the helm, but there is a high probability that he will remain the #1 target in this offense. Chambers has a great match up against the Browns this week.
21. Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) – His numbers dropped off a bit last week, but that is to be expected from time to time as the #2 guy. Cotchery is still a solid fantasy starter and could increase his value dramatically with a few TD’s. He is still a beast when it comes to yardage and a pretty safe play this week against the Eagles.
22. Andre Davis (HOU) – He has proven to be a quality fantasy starter while serving fill in duty for the injured Andre Johnson. Davis has a pretty stout match up vs. RaShean Mathis and the Jags secondary, but he should be targeted often as the only real speed threat in the passing game. He will have his chances this week.
23. Bernard Berrian (CHI) – He was held in check last week with only 1 catch. It is not a huge concern for the future, as Berrian was hobbled by a bad toe and typically struggles against the Packers. If the toe is good to go, he should rebound against a weak Viking secondary this week. (Check injury report: toe)
24. Greg Jennings (GB) – Jennings managed to hit pay dirt for his third consecutive game in his first three starts. He does not provide superstar numbers as far as receptions and yardage go, but he is very consistent and an obvious TD threat. He is a solid start in the pass heavy Packer offense. (Check injury report: shoulder, hamstring)
25. Patrick Crayton (DAL) – He has really come alive as of the last couple of weeks. Crayton has a tough match up this week, and is susceptible to fading away any week, but he is on a hot streak. You don’t mess with a hot streak.
26. Vincent Jackson (SD) – He was written off by many fantasy owners, but is proving to have some decent value. Jackson has still yet to live up to his billing on a consistent basis, but he is starting to come along as the Charger offense appears to be righting the ship. He has a pretty good match up this week and we expect him to be targeted often. (Check injury report: shoulder)
27. Roddy White (ATL) – He has been a fairly consistent target each week in the Falcons passing game. We love the match up this week against the Giants. White should be looked to early and often, and he is the big play threat in this offense.
28. Wes Welker (NE) – Welker has seen his looks and touches gradually decline each of the last three weeks. At this point, he is still a pretty solid #3 starter and is capable of having a big game, but he is a little on the risky side at this point. Decent match up against a shaky Dallas secondary.
29. Donte’ Stallworth (NE) – He is increasing his role in the offense a little bit each week. Stallworth was finally able to find the end zone and he looks to be getting on track. He has a good match up in Dallas. (Check injury report: knee)
30. Ronald Curry (OAK) – When you look up inconsistent in the dictionary, you will likely see a picture of this guy (we know, over used bad pun). Despite Curry’s lack of consistent play, he has provided fantasy owners with a pair of huge weeks. He is a bit of a gamble as a starter this week, but we like the match up.
31. Ike Hilliard (TB) – This guy has been lighting up the fantasy waiver wires in practically every fantasy league in existence. Hilliard has been Garcia’s favorite target over the last two weeks and has posted impressive numbers. We do not expect him to continue his pace from the last two weeks, but he is a decent 3rd starter at this point in the season. Play him until the magic wears off. (Check injury report: ankle)
32. James Jones (GB) – He continues to be a pretty solid fantasy option on a weekly basis. Jones must learn to secure the ball after the catch and has been a liability in that respect, but we like his consistency. He should continue to see a fair amount of passes come in his direction.
33. Drew Bennett (STL) – Bennett will likely be in the starting line up in place of the injured Isaac Bruce this week. Torry Holt is likely to see a fair share of double teams, and Bennett should be able to take advantage. It’s a tough match up, but Bennett is very capable and could see plenty of opportunities, especially in the red zone.
34. Nate Burleson (SEA) – With the absence of Branch and Hackett, Burleson should see plenty of action this week. He has had an up and down season, but this week looks to be his most promising week. He also adds value as a punt returner, and we like the match up against a poor Saint’s secondary.
35. Dennis Northcutt (JAC) – He is clearly the #1 option in the Jaguar passing attack. Unfortunately, the Jags are a running team. Northcutt had his best game of '07 last week, and he could carry the momentum into the Houston game against a suspect secondary. He’s a quality 3rd starter at this point.
36. Jerry Porter (OAK) – Porter appears to have much better chemistry with Culpepper than he did with McCown, as was evident in their last game. With Culpepper under center, there is a chance that Porter could return to star status, but for now, he is a pretty big risk. The jury is still out, but keep a close eye on him in the coming weeks.
37. Brandon Jones (TEN) – He has big play potential, but he also has a tendency to drop balls. The Titans passing game is pretty inconsistent, but when it is firing on all cylinders, it is a pretty safe bet that Jones will be heavily involved. You are best served to keep him on the back burner for now, but he is a decent option for bye weeks and emergency situations. (Check injury report: knee)
38. Amani Toomer (NYG) – Toomer was shut out in week 5 in what looked to be a solid match up for him. He should see his targets increase in another good match up this week against Atlanta, but at this point, Toomer has become a liability, and should only be used as a 3rd WR in deep leagues.
39. Marty Booker (MIA) – You can not expect much from Booker any given week, but he is capable of the occasional TD. Booker was new QB Cleo Lemon’s favorite target in week 5 and contributed decent numbers. Look for the passing attack to return its focus to Chris Chambers this week, so use Booker only in a tight spot.
40. Reggie Brown (PHI) – It would be an understatement to say that Brown has been a huge bust this season. You are probably best served with him on your bench right now, but this week’s match up against a bad Jets secondary will provide Brown with a chance to break out of his slump.
41. Michael Jenkins (ATL) – He is capable of having a solid game in any week, and this week looks fairly promising, but Jenkins is about as consistent as Vinny Testaverde’s retirement plan. He is just too unstable to be a reliable fantasy starter right now.
42. Bryant Johnson (ARI) – Johnson has filled in nicely for the injured Anquan Boldin over the last couple of weeks, and he is likely to be in the starting line up again. He is nursing an injury of his own, but he should be fine, and is a decent option for at least one more week. (Check injury report: quad)
43. Kevin Walter (HOU) – He has been a nice surprise the last couple of weeks in the Houston passing game. Walter has 11 receptions for 144 yards in his last two games. He might prove to be a solid emergency pick up for this week.
44. Devery Henderson (NO) – He finally realized he was WR in the NFL last week. Henderson has been absent from the New Orleans’ offense all season. Last week was promising, but it is too early to throw him into your starting line up with confidence.
45. Joe Jurevicius (CLE) – He always has that red zone potential, but how much can you rely on that? Not a safe play. (Check injury report: knee)
46. Mark Clayton (BAL) – Clayton continues to struggle as he is battling several nagging and lingering injuries. You should see his production pick up later in the season, but he is a risky start for now.
47. Muhsin Muhammad (CHI) – Muhammad fell back into obscurity last week after a promising week 4. It is unclear how much he will be targeted this week, but the match up bodes well. We suggest you use him only out of desperation.
48. Roydell Williams (TEN) – It is pretty safe to say that this guy is not a safe play, but with the chance that Brandon Jones could be out, Williams could step into a “go to” role.
49. Lance Moore (NO) – You can not expect Moore to make any major contribution to your fantasy team, but he is a pretty safe bet to make some contribution. He has quietly increased his production on a weekly basis and is not a bad emergency option this week.
50. Bobby Wade (MIN) – Wade has been pretty consistent in his last three starts, but is not a big difference maker. He may also be a victim of QB Tarvaris Jackson’s return to the starting line up. Everyone suffers with that guy under center. Wade is good for a few sparse points, that is about it.
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