WEEK 6 QB RANKINGS: The Good, The Bad & The Sleepers

Week 6 of the NFL season is full of quarterback match-ups that are reminiscent of a spaghetti western; there’s The Good, The Bad, and The Sleepers. The Good can be found with über-QB Tom Brady, the Eagles’ Donovan McNabb, and Cincinnati gunslinger Carson Palmer. The Bad stars the Falcons’ Joey Harrington, the Vikings’ Tarvaris Jackson and Houston’s Matt Schaub. Finally, The Sleepers cast is comprised of the Browns' Derek Anderson, KC's Damon Huard and Chicago's Brian Griese.

The entire Top 25 QB rankings for Week 6 can be found below.

1. Tom Brady
(NE) – Brady, and fantasy owners alike, continue to enjoy the best season of his storied career. He faces a pretty tough Dallas defense overall, but the Cowboy secondary is pretty shaky. It is well documented that he steps up in big games, and this one is huge! Expect Brady to continue on his record breaking pace.
2. Donovan McNabb (PHI) – He tends to really excel against weak secondaries, and there are few weaker than this week’s opponent, the NY Jets. If the O-line can give him time, he should shred the Jets defense. There is potential here for McNabb to have a monster game. You would be hard pressed to find a better starting option for week 6.
3. Carson Palmer (CIN) – He faces a tough Chiefs secondary, and was not exactly stellar in last years contest against them, but there is no question that Palmer has the tools to have a very successful Sunday afternoon in this season’s meeting. This is not his best match up, but we anticipate he will make the plays to have a solid fantasy outing.
4. Tony Romo (DAL) – He was embarrassed last week after throwing 5 picks against a very poor Bills defense. Even greatest QB’s are susceptible to a bad game, and that was certainly the case for Romo. He should bounce back, and he is certainly capable of big things, but he faces an extremely tough challenge with the Patriots in week 6.
5. Brett Favre (GB) – It will be a tall order for Favre to get his fourth consecutive 300 yard game this week against a tough Redskins pass defense. The Redskins silenced a very potent Detroit passing attack last week, and look to do the same to Favre and the Packers. In our opinion, Favre is a much smarter QB than Kitna, and he should find a way to have a successful day at home.
6. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – Hasselbeck really struggled last week, but we expect him to rebound with a quality performance in week 6. He faces a very weak Saints pass defense, and he should pick them apart with little effort.
7. Kurt Warner (ARI) – He now has the offense all to himself with the shoulder injury to Matt Leinart. Warner has been pretty impressive in mop up duty so far this season, and appears to have a firm grasp on this offense. We look for him to have a big game this week vs. the Panthers.
8. Eli Manning (NYG) – Manning has had a less than stellar last few weeks, but he has been consistent. He has struggled in past meetings with the Falcons, but we expect a solid running game will open things up for him to have a nice game. Start him with confidence.
9. David Garrard (JAC) – He is quietly turning into a quality fantasy performer. Garrard is not the kind of QB that will put up huge numbers each week, but he is very consistent, and has yet to throw an interception all season. He should be a safe start for week 6 against Houston.
10. Derek Anderson (CLE) – On paper, the match up against the league’s 3rd rated pass defense looks scary, but the Dolphin’s secondary is not all they are cracked up to be. Anderson is clearly not intimidated by any defense, and he has two great weapons in Edwards and Winslow, who can find space against virtually any DB. We like Anderson a lot in week 6.
11. Jason Campbell (WAS) – He was definitely on point last week, and appears to be getting a grasp on this offense. Campbell matches up against a Packers pass D that ranks 23rd. We expect a solid game from Campbell this week.
12. Phillip Rivers (SD) – He has been super inconsistent this season, but when he is on, as he was last week, Rivers can produce amazing results. He has a decent match up, and should be fine, against an average Raiders secondary, but his inability to put together a string of successful outings makes him a little scary.
13. Brian Griese (CHI) – He is still trying to knock the rust off, but Griese is showing signs of improvement. He has a very favorable match up this week against a Vikings defense that focuses mainly on the run. Griese will likely put it up early and often in this one, and facing a weak secondary offers a great opportunity for a big game.
14. Damon Huard (KC) – Huard looks to be fine and ready to go this week after injuring his shoulder. He has a really solid match up against the Bengals, and is likely to be the big surprise of week 6. Huard is our sleeper pick of the week and we like his chances.
15. Drew Brees (NO) – He has really struggled this season, and is showing little sign of improvement. Brees has had an awful time of trying to find the end zone, instead finding opposing DB’s more often. It is guaranteed that he will throw the ball a ton, and he has a positive track record, so we will give him the benefit of the doubt for one more week. Brees may be more trouble than he is worth at this point.
16. Vince Young (TEN) – He is coming off of an awful 3 interception performance in week 5. Young has a lot of versatility and upside, but he must create a level of consistency to become a great fantasy option on a weekly basis. He has a chance to prove his worth against a solid Bucs defense this week.
17. Steve McNair (BAL) – He has let the passes fly over the last two weeks, but without great results, especially in the red zone. The Ravens will likely focus more on their ground game this week. You should see fewer passes from McNair, but he will likely be more efficient. With the return of Todd Heap, it is likely the Raven’s passing game will see better results in the red zone. He is not a great option for week 6, but he should not be bad. (Check injury report: back)
18. Jeff Garcia (TB) – He does not have great weapons, and he does not put up MVP numbers in any given week, but he is very efficient, mistake free, and intelligent. Those qualities do not translate well into fantasy points, but they certainly do not hurt. Expect more of the same ole’ from Garcia at home vs. Tennessee.
19. Chad Pennington (NYJ) – He is not the flashiest QB in the NFL, but he is efficient, and rarely hurts fantasy owners. Do not expect Pennington to put up a ton of yards or TD’s this week, but he should be good for a few quality points. He is best suited as a bye week starter for your squad this week.
20. Matt Schaub (HOU) – Schaub has been dealing with a bare bones receiving corps for the last few weeks, and has managed quite well. He appears to be a very solid QB, and has found success in an offense that has struggled badly in past seasons. That being said, Schaub faces a very good Jaguar defense this week, and he may finally meet his match. He is definitely a risky start this week.
21. Daunte Culpepper (OAK) – He is coming off of a 5 TD performance in week 4 which is a dream for any fantasy owner. The bad news is he only threw for 75 yards and 3 of his TD’s came on the ground. Culpepper had kind of a freak game, and is very unlikely to repeat anything like that this week in San Diego. The jury is still out on him until we see if he can perform on a consistent basis, but he is definitely worth keeping an eye on for the future. He may be worth the gamble if you are desperate this week.
22. Gus Frerotte (STL) – Frerotte was fairly impressive last week from a fantasy point of view. He is highly prone to throwing interceptions, and he will likely have trouble finding the end zone against Baltimore with the ease that he did last week. He is best suited for the bench in week 6. Tough match up.
23. Joey Harrington (ATL) – After week 4 and a string of successful outings, it appeared as though he had a bright future in this offense. What a difference a week can make. Harrington was awful last week, and with a recently decimated offensive line, he may spend more time on his back than upright this week vs. the Giants. Very, very risky.
24. Cleo Lemon (MIA) – It is kind of uncertain as to what to expect from him this week. While it is a great match up on paper, Lemon is making only his second career start, and has been far from great in years past with mop up duty. He has a chance to surprise and take advantage of a poor Browns secondary, but we highly doubt it. He is not a safe start.
25. Tarvaris Jackson (MIN) – It looks as though he will likely return as the starting signal caller for the Minnesota offense this week (you have our sympathy Viking fans). The plain and simple fact of the matter is that Jackson stinks(and that is being kind), so if you are thinking of starting him this week, we would like to ask you to please step away from the crack pipe, and seek help immediately!(Check injury report: groin)
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