1. Randy Moss (NE) – It's official, he is back and in a big way. Moss continues to dominate opposing secondaries, scoring a league leading 7 TD’s. This week is especially promising as Moss matches up against the NFL’s 2nd worst pass defense, the Cleveland Browns.
2. Plaxico Burress (NYG) – He faces a Jets secondary that has been absolutely torched by #1 WR’s all season. Burress is still nursing a slight ankle injury but should be fine for week 5. Look for a big game if the ankle holds up, and it should.
3. Terrell Owens (DAL) – He's not coming off of his best game but he should rebound in a big way against a really poor Buffalo secondary, the worst secondary, in fact.
4. Reggie Wayne (IND) – This will not be his easiest match up, but with the likelihood Marvin Harrison will be limited with an injury, Wayne should be Manning’s go-to guy. Wayne is a viable deep threat as well as a solid prospect in the red zone.
5. Laveranues Coles (NYJ) – Coles has produced solid numbers to this point but is due to have a break-out game. This week has the potential to be just that. The Giants have been fairly successful in slowing #2 WR’s (in this case that would be Cotchery) but have struggled against #1 WR’s (in this case that would be Coles). If Cotchery doesn’t steal too many looks, Coles should have a big day.
6. Santana Moss (WAS) – He has yet to put up monster numbers in any game but Moss has improved from week to week. He will be facing a Detroit secondary that has been destroyed by speedy big play WR’s all season. He should finally find the end zone and add a bunch of yards to boot. Great match up. (Check injury report: groin)
7. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – Much of his potential success in week 5 relies on the availability of Anquan Boldin but he should be solid either way. This is a great match up against a Rams secondary that has a history of giving up big plays. Fitzgerald is the big play guy in this offense and he is coming off of a great week. We like his chances with or without Boldin, but more so without.
8. Roy Williams (DET) – He is coming off of his worst game in '07, which by NFL standards, was not a bad game. It stands to reason that a guy as talented as Williams should bounce back this week against the Skins. The odds and talent are in his favor, so start him with confidence.
9. Steve Smith (CAR) – To say he has been held in check the last two weeks would be an understatement. It is hard to say what the problem is but we assume a lot of it has to do with getting acclimated to fill-in QB David Carr. It looks as though Carr will get the start again this week which could again spell trouble. On the bright side, Smith is facing a great match up this week and is much too talented to bench under any circumstance. He will bounce back, the question is when?
10. Andre Davis (HOU) – It looks as though he will once again be filling in for the injured Andre Johnson. Davis has been fantastic over the last two weeks and we see no reason why that trend should not continue. He is facing a pretty good Miami pass defense, but as the Texans only real option, Davis will be targeted early and often.
11. Marques Colston (NO) – More than anything, you must hope that the Saints were able to use the bye week to work out their many issues. Colston is not off to the start many thought he would have but he has been solid. Colston should be targeted often and has the potential for a big week.
12. Donald Driver (GB) – He doesn’t have a great track record against the Bears in the past but the Bear’s defense is not exactly playing up to their norm of late. Driver should continue the recent trend of wide outs punishing a beat up Bear’s secondary.
13. Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) – Cotchery has really come alive this season. The only thing he is lacking is in the TD category and it is only a matter of time before he addresses that issue. He is a strong play any week.
14. Anquan Boldin (ARI) – If he plays, Boldin could have a really nice week. The Ram’s secondary was torched by #2 WR Patrick Crayton last week and Boldin is the #2 WR for the Cardinals, he is also much more talented than Crayton. (Check injury report: hip)
15. Brandon Marshall (DEN) – If Javon Walker is unable to go, look for Marshall’s numbers to be very impressive. If Walker is able to play, Marshall is still a solid start against a very unstable Charger secondary. Great match up.
16. Chris Chambers (MIA) – Look for Chambers to bounce back from last week’s disappointment. He continues to struggle to find the end zone but it is only a matter of time before he gets there. He faces a Houston secondary that is on a swift decline, so Chambers should be put in your starting line up with confidence this week.
17. Marvin Harrison (IND) – He may be limited if he plays this week after injuring his knee in the Denver game. If anyone can play beat up and play well, it’s Harrison. It’s a tough match up for him against Ronde Barber but never underestimate Harrison’s ability. As usual, he should be in your starting line up if he plays. (Check injury report: knee)
18. Torry Holt (STL) – Holt has not been his “Big Game” self of late but most of that is due to a beat up supporting cast and an offense in disarray. Given the circumstances, he has played pretty well and should be a solid option against the Cardinals.
19. Derrick Mason (BAL) – He continues to be more and more productive each week. As his fellow receivers get healthy, which should be the case starting this week, his numbers may decrease some but he is on a roll and remains a strong start for now. Mason should have another great game but watch to see if his touches decrease in coming weeks. (Check injury report: knee)
20. Javon Walker (DEN) – He is battling an issue with fluid on the knee, but if he can go this week, Walker should have a nice game. He will be facing a Charger secondary that has struggled mightily in every game this season. Great match up. (Check injury report: knee)
21. Deion Branch (SEA) –He is starting to solidify himself as a great fantasy WR. Branch has been very consistent to this point and is targeted often by Hasselbeck. He should be a thorn in the side of the Steeler secondary this week.
22. Calvin Johnson (DET) – It appears likely that Johnson will be back in the starting line up this week at Washington. Before injuring his back in week 3, Johnson looked to be heating up. He could have a great week in the pass happy Lion’s offense. (Check injury report: back)
23. Braylon Edwards (CLE) – He is really starting to gel with Derek Anderson on the deep ball. The only reservation we have with Edwards is in his ability to get open on a regular basis. If he can begin to increase his reception total, he will be deadly. This week offers a very tough match up against New England but Edwards is too talented to sit against any opponent.
24. Joey Galloway (TB) – The Carolina defense really keyed in on him last week, killing his production, but the move back fired as Ike Hilliard was left wide open all day. Due to that, the Colts will likely match up one on one with Galloway this week, and he should return to “go to” status.
25. Dwayne Bowe (KC) – The rookie sensation has been lighting up the scoreboard in recent weeks while posting great numbers in the reception and yardage categories as well. As great as he has been, this may be the week to be cautious with him as he will likely face Rashean Mathis who can make even the best veteran WR’s look like rookies. Great player, great upside, tough match up.
26. Shaun McDonald (DET) – He has limited upside when it comes to touches and yardage but this guy seems to find his way to the end zone every week. McDonald should see his fair share of looks this week and a touch down or two is never out of the question.
27. Bernard Berrian (CHI) – He has basically been the offense for the Bears in between the 20’s. He has yet to break that big play into the end zone but it should come any week. Berrian does not have a great history when playing the Packers but he should again see plenty of balls fly in his direction. For your sake, we hope he catches them (tendency to drop passes).
28. Santonio Holmes (PIT) – He stepped up in a big way last week in the absence of Hines Ward. Ward will likely be a scratch again this week or at least limited, so look for Holmes to be the focal point of the Steelers' passing game once again.
29. Roddy White (ATL) – The Falcon’s offense is quickly putting the pieces of the puzzle together and White appears to be a big piece of that puzzle. He took a back seat to fellow WR Michael Jenkins last week but White has a better match up than Jenkins who will likely be covered by Nick Harper most of this week’s game.
30. Wes Welker (NE) – He did not have a great game last week but that should change this week against the Brown’s and their bottom dwelling secondary. Welker should return as an often targeted option for the Patriots in week 5.
31. Greg Jennings (GB) – He has found pay dirt in each of his two starts since returning from injury. Jennings has set the tone as a favorite target of Favre in the red zone and as he continues to get healthier, his touches should increase overall as well.
32. Lee Evans (BUF) – We almost gave up on him but it appears new QB Trent Edwards has found a way to get him the football. Evans is still a bit of a gamble given his shaky start but last week proved that he was not as much the problem as J.P. Losman. He could have a big week as the Bills will likely have to pass often playing from behind at home against Dallas on Monday night.
33. Michael Jenkins (ATL) – Jenkins is really starting to build a great rapport with QB Joey Harrington. It is still a little early to consider him a solid every week starter for your fantasy team but he is definitely a guy you should keep an eye on.
34. Patrick Crayton (DAL) – He had a monster game last week and proved that he has the skills necessary to be a fantasy starter. The only problem with Crayton is his consistency. It is unclear whether Romo will target him more often but in any case he is a gamble. He has a great match up this week and even if he does not receive a lot of attention in the passing game, Crayton could more than make up for it in the return game.
35. Bobby Engram (SEA) - He has become a favorite red zone target for Hasselbeck and has shown consistency on a weekly basis. Engram gets his fair share of targets each week and this week will be no different in Pittsburgh.
36. Mike Furrey (DET) – He has been arguably the most consistent WR in the NFL this season. He has yet to find the end zone but he is always a threat, and a safe bet to produce points for your fantasy team, especially in leagues partial to receptions and yardage.
37. James Jones (GB) – Jones has been a steady target for Favre in the pass heavy offense of the Packers. He was able to find the end zone for the first time last week and is a good red zone option as Green Bay’s third WR. Look for Jones to continue to produce this week.
38. Amani Toomer (NYG) – He has yet to duplicate his week one performance but he has a great match up this week against the Jets. We like his chances for a good game in week 5.
39. Demetrius Williams (BAL) – He was quite productive last week in his first start of the season. With Mark Clayton still battling injury, Williams will be the #2 WR again this week. He should respond with another solid effort. He is a guy to keep an eye on as a sleeper in the coming weeks.
40. Eddie Kennison (KC) – He is coming off a hamstring injury that has kept him off the field for the first 4 weeks. It is unclear what his level of participation will be but he is a very capable WR, and is expected to at least start. You should use caution with him this week, especially given the match up against a tough Jacksonville secondary, but he is a guy to watch as he knocks the rust off in coming weeks. (Check injury report: hamstring)
41. Brandon Jones (TEN) – He has stepped into the role of top receiver for the Titans. The Tennessee passing game is a bit shaky but we like Jones as Vince Young’s favorite target. He must prove he can be consistent but he has a lot of upside, and should see a fair share of touches this week.
42. Dennis Northcutt (JAC) – Before the bye week, he was receiving a lot of attention in the Jag’s offense. He struggled against Champ Bailey in his last game but what WR doesn’t. KC has had a pretty solid pass defense but the likelihood that Northcutt will get plenty of looks makes him a worthy, but last resort option this week.
43. Donte Stallworth (NE) – It is evident that Brady is trying to target him more often but Stallworth has failed to make the most of his opportunities. It is not a matter of if he will have a huge game this season, it is a matter of when, and this week’s match up provides as good an opportunity as Stallworth will see all year.
44. Darrell Jackson (SF) – It has been an uphill battle this season for the very talented wide out. He was just beginning to gel with Alex Smith when Smith was taken out last week and is likely to miss a few weeks. He must start all over with back up QB Trent Dilfer and a passing game in turmoil. Jackson will likely be Dilfer’s top target this week but it will probably amount to little.
45. Hines Ward (PIT) – It is pretty unlikely that he will play this week, and even if he does, it will not be at 100%. He is a capable WR with big play potential but his injury will likely hamper his performance if he is lucky enough to be on the field this week. (Check injury report: knee)
46. Lance Moore (NO) – He is definitely a sleeper and a potential must add to your fantasy roster. He has stepped into Devery Henderson’s role as Brees’ #2 option. Moore’s looks and touches increased dramatically over his last two games and that should be a continuing trend. He is still a gamble as a starter but he could pay off for you in a desperate week.
47. Mark Clayton (BAL) – He returned to the line up last week on a limited basis and had a decent game given the circumstances. Clayton should be back again this week but under the same conditions, so do not expect a great deal from him. He should be a solid starter again in the upcoming weeks. (Check injury report: calf)
48. Nate Burleson (SEA) – He has the potential for a good week any time he steps on the field. The problem is guessing when and where that will happen. Burleson is too inconsistent to be a reliable fantasy starter at this point.
49. Antwaan Randle El (WAS) – He has yet to even sniff at a repeat of his week 1 performance but this week offers a good match up in which Randle El should see plenty of attention from Jason Campbell.
50. Ike Hilliard (TB) – He was able to take advantage of double teams on Galloway last week and had a big day. It is unlikely that will be the case again this week but Hilliard should see a few balls come in his direction this week in Indianapolis.
51. Joe Jurevicius (CLE) – It is highly unlikely that this guy will do much for your line up if he does not find the end zone but he continues to do so on a regular basis. He is always a risk as a fantasy starter but he is also always a threat to score. Take a chance with him only in a pinch.
52. Roydell Williams (TEN) – He is becoming a steady target for Vince Young and the Titan’s passing game. Williams is a definite downfield threat but must prove he can do it on a weekly basis to become a viable starting candidate. Put him on your watch list.
53. Marty Booker (MIA) – He is never a safe bet in your starting line up. Booker has a decent match up this week but he should only be used in an emergency situation.
54. Muhsin Muhammad (CHI) – He finally provided a good fantasy week for the first time all year. It appears that he has a better rapport with Brian Griese than he had with Grossman, so Muhammad could prove to be worth a look from here on out. If you are needy and a gambler it could pay off this week. We are still skeptical and suggest giving him at least one more week to prove his value as a starter.
55. Vincent Jackson (SD) – He is pretty consistent as a disappointment after having so much promise heading into the season. Expect another let down as he faces top CB Champ Bailey this week. He should see a few passes come his way but Bailey may catch more than Jackson.
56. Drew Bennett (STL) – He is barely worth mentioning based on his performance to this point, but with the likelihood that Bruce will be out this week, Bennett should see an increase in looks this week. He is a risk in a beaten down Ram’s offense that is a shell of its former, healthy, self.
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