1. Tom Brady (NE) – Brady’s on-field performance to date and the match up against a really bad Brown’s defense speak for themselves. He is a rock solid lock this week.
2. Tony Romo (DAL) – He faces a very favorable match up this week at Buffalo against the NFL’s worst pass defense. Romo continues to dissect opposing defenses on a weekly basis. He is very likely to add to his already impressive stat sheet with yet another huge game.
3. Peyton Manning (IND) – He will be matched up against a resurgent and tough Tampa Bay defense this week. If anyone can find the Buc’s weakness on defense, it's Peyton Manning. Manning will find a way to pick them apart. He always does.
4. Eli Manning (NYG) – He is coming off a very mediocre week against Philadelphia. We expect him to bounce back with a really strong effort this week against the Jets. The Jets have one of the league's worst pass defenses and Manning should take full advantage. He needs to limit his mistakes and cut down on his interceptions in order to be a top fantasy QB on a weekly basis.
5. Jon Kitna (DET) – He's picking apart opposing secondaries with the precision of a fine surgeon this season. Kitna would likely be an early candidate for MVP if he had better protection up front (16 sacks allowed in the last 2 games). That said, he appears to be on the right track but he must limit turnovers to be highly valuable against a fairly tough Redskin pass D.
6. Brett Favre (GB) – He has been on a roll this season showing glimpses of a younger version of himself. Favre and the Packers would benefit greatly if they could get the running game going but he is making it work with great blocking and WR play. Favre should continue his awesome comeback story against a battered Bears defense this week.
7. Jason Campbell (WAS) – There is no question that Campbell is still a work in progress. He definitely shows flashes of greatness but lacks the consistency of a top tier fantasy QB. This week’s match up against Detroit should be a shootout and will likely give Campbell an opportunity to showcase his abilities with confidence. We like his chances.
8. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – He faces a tough and likely angry Steeler defense this week. Hasselbeck is a poised veteran and should be up to the challenge. He will be playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder against the team that dashed his Super Bowl dreams two years ago. If the Steelers crowd the box to slow Shaun Alexander, Hasselbeck could have a big day.
9. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – The Seahawks will likely take some plays out of the Arizona defensive play book this week. The Cards were able to stack the line of scrimmage and shut down the running game. Roethlisberger was able to capitalize some with the passing game but it changed their run first philosophy and ultimately cost them the game. The Seahawks defense will likely use the same philosophy but Roethlisberger should be better prepared this week and should take advantage with a quality outing.
10. Vince Young (TEN) – He is playing with more confidence with each passing game and his numbers prove it. Young will not garner you a ton of points through the air but he is so multi-dimensional that he can get you points in many ways. While it is unlikely that he will torch the Falcons, we do expect a solid game from Young.
11. Chad Pennington (NYJ) – Pennington has not had a Pro Bowl start but he has been pretty solid. He must do a better of job of finding the end zone when the team is in the red zone. This week’s match up against the Giants could turn into a shootout and Pennington tends to play better the more he gets to throw the football. Pennington’s O-line must protect him to be effective against a poor Giant secondary.
12. Drew Brees (NO) - In most cases, throwing the ball 40-45 times a game would be a benefit in terms of fantasy QB’s but in Brees’ case, it has been a disaster. He must have a complimentary running game to be effective and the defense has to stop putting him in pressure comeback situations that usually lead to turnovers. We hope this offense was able to reinvent itself in the bye week and are optimistic Brees can start to turn things around.
13. Steve McNair (BAL) – He has had a rough and bumpy beginning to the 07’ season without question. McNair had career highs in completions and attempts last week but was let down by the Raven’s typically reliable defense. We expect the defense to bounce back and McNair should have a pretty good game. He has a very good track record against the 49ers.
14. Joey Harrington (ATL) – He has been on a tear the last two weeks posting numbers that rival even the best fantasy QB’s. He seems to have control of this offense and a good understanding of his role as QB with this team. Harrington is still a bit of a gamble and his numbers will likely drop a bit this week at Tennessee but we look for him to have a respectable game.
15. Matt Schaub (HOU) – He has been dealt a bad hand over the last couple of games with a limited supporting cast but Schaub has done an admirable job given the circumstances. He faces the same issues again this week and we expect him to perform on the same level as the last two weeks. He does not have all the tools he needs in the tool box but you could do much worse than Schaub this week.
16. Jay Cutler (DEN) – He continues to perform on a consistently mediocre level. Cutler has all the skills necessary to be a top flight fantasy QB but he has yet to play a complete game with confidence. He has a pretty good match up this week against a struggling Charger defense, but until he proves that he can get the job done at a higher level, he remains a gamble.
17. Trent Green (MIA) – He continues to hurt his fantasy value each week with interceptions and a lack of consistency. Green has a proven track record but his best days are behind him. He faces a Houston secondary that is on the downslide but Green happens to be on a steeper descent. He has the potential for a good game but he has yet to prove he has it in him. He is best used as a back up for now.
18. David Garrard (JAC) – He has been stable and fundamentally sound so far this season. Unfortunately, that does not translate into fantasy points. He faces a tough match up this week against a Kansas City defense that has exceeded expectations. Garrard probably won’t hurt your fantasy team this week but it is unlikely that he will do a lot to help your cause.
19. Jeff Garcia (TB) – He continues to be a leader and productive member of his football team but that does little to help your fantasy team. Garcia is another guy who is unlikely to damage you any given week but he is not much of a help either. He has a big showdown with the Colts and will likely throw more than usual this week, as it is probable the Bucs will have to play catch up, but he is still unlikely to pad your fantasy scoring line.
20. Phillip Rivers (SD) – Rivers and the Charger offense have obviously lost their way this season. He continues to struggle on a weekly basis and is a very risky start at this point in the season. He does have a great record of success against the Broncos but this is not the Rivers from last year, at least not right now.
21. Damon Huard (KC) – He is steadily improving and starting to find his way in this offense. Huard should likely continue to improve especially with the return of Eddie Kennison as another, much needed, weapon. He is still shaky as a starter and we suggest using him only in an emergency situation this week against a stingy Jag’s pass defense.
22. Derek Anderson (CLE) – He is proving to be a decent fantasy QB, for the future. We really like this kid and he has a ton of upside. He is still green and prone to mistakes but he should continue to improve as he gets a few more starts under his belt. What Anderson lacks in experience, he more than makes up for with his confidence, and has managed to turn a pretty bad offense into a decent offense which will only get better with each passing week. We like him for the future but not against New England in only his eighth career start.
23. Matt Leinart (ARI) – He faces a pretty good match up this week against the Rams but his status as starting or even finishing QB is on shaky ground. Leinart may very well have his best game of the year this week, but with his playing status in limbo, we suggest you look elsewhere as a precaution.
24. Brian Griese (CHI) – Despite high hopes, nothing much changed for the Bear’s offense under Griese’s stead. They did throw the ball more but the results were much the same. It may just be a case of him needing to knock the rust off but he remains a risk as a starting fantasy signal caller, especially against a hot Packers team.
25. Trent Edwards (BUF) – He had an impressive start to his pro career last week. Edwards may just be what the Bills needed to make this offense work. He has a potentially bright future but in only his second career start, on the big Monday night stage, against the Cowboys; we do not like his chances.
26. David Carr (CAR) – He may bounce back from a dreadful week 4 performance but we seriously doubt it. It is pretty bad when you can’t find a way to get the ball to the NFL’s best WR. It is even worse when you complete less than 50% of your passes, get sacked 3 times, and throw a pick. Maybe the Houston O-line wasn’t the problem after all?
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