1. Randy Moss (NE) – Moss is proving that he can get it done on a week to week basis and has a great match up this week against a weak Bengal secondary. The only bad news here is for those of us who were afraid to take him in our fantasy draft.
2. Steve Smith (CAR) – We realize that he is coming off of one of his worst games ever (1 catch for 10 yards); however, Smith went for over 100 yards in each of two contests vs. Tampa last season. He should rebound in a big way this week.
3. Roy Williams (DET) – Williams has had a TD in every game so far this season. You pair that with the fact he has had consistent success in the past against the Bears and you have yourself a winner for week 4. He should make easy work of a beat up Bear’s secondary.
4. Terrell Owens (DAL) – The Ram’s defense will likely have their sites set on T.O. this week but that is the case with every defense that faces him. He should have plenty of opportunities again this week as the Cowboy’s top play maker.
5. Donald Driver (GB) – In two games vs. Minnesota last season, Driver accumulated 15 receptions for 290 yards and a score. We like his chances for another big performance in this one.
6. Laveranues Coles (NYJ) – We expect a big game from Coles this week in Buffalo. He has a great history against the Bills and most of that success came against Nate Clements. Clements has moved on to San Francisco, so Cole’s numbers should only improve.
7. Bernard Berrian (CHI) – The Detroit secondary has been smoked by speedy receivers in each of its first three games. Berrian may be the fastest they have faced yet. If he can shake the butter fingers, he should mesh well with new QB Griese, and have an explosive day.
8. Torry Holt (STL) – He remains the one consistent option in an otherwise topsy tervy Ram’s offense. This week’s match up at Dallas is a great one for Holt. The Cowboy secondary has been troubled by #1 WR’s in every game they have played.
9. Plaxico Burress (NYG) – Plax’s two best games of 06’came via the Eagle’s defense. This game should be no different and provides a quality match up. The only thing in question is an ankle injury that he claims could be an issue but barring any further set back he should be fine. (Check injury report: ankle)
10. T.J. Houshmanzadeh (CIN) – He actually has more receptions and TD’s than Chad Johnson so far this year. This is a really tough match up but we feel he will be the better of the two star receivers as the Pat’s will likely focus more on Johnson.
11. Chris Chambers (MIA) – He is tearing up opposing secondaries so far this season but has yet to get into the end zone. It’s only a matter of time, and odds are pretty good that Chambers will hit pay dirt this week at home against Oakland.
12. Javon Walker (DEN) – As expected, he struggled last week in a tough match up with RaShean Mathis. This week’s match up should provide Walker with a much more attractive stat line as he bounces back to form.
13. Chad Johnson (CIN) – He is much too talented to be shut down by any defender, but Asante Samuel is not going to just let the NFL’s receiving yards leader run wild. Tough match up, but if anyone can overcome a tough match up it is #85.
14. Reggie Wayne (IND) – He enjoyed his best game of 06’ against Denver (10 rec. 138 yds. 3 td’s). This season Wayne will match up with newly acquired corner Dre Bly which should make life a little tougher this time around. That said, he should be Peyton’s top target at WR this week.
15. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – Despite putting up respectable numbers, Fitzgerald has yet to reach his capabilities this season. He has zero TD’s through his first three contests and is well overdue. This could and should be the week, especially if Warner is under center.
16. Kevin Curtis (PHI) – He finally seems to be on the same page with McNabb, exploding last week with fantasy stats rarely matched. He has a great match up again this week but it is hard to imagine that level of success spilling over into this week. We don’t think he is a one game wonder but we also don’t expect near that level of production on a weekly basis. Consistency may still be an issue with Curtis, but he is finally on the right track, in a big way!
17. Marvin Harrison (IND) – He was somewhat disappointing last week by Marvin Harrison standards. Look for the same this week as he faces off against the NFL’s best corner back in Champ Bailey.
18. Joey Galloway (TB) – The Carolina secondary has given Galloway problems in the past, but he is the workhorse in this offense, and he has Garcia to get him the ball this time around.
19. Brandon Marshall (DEN) – He continues to improve and is getting more and more attention from Cutler each week. Look for him to keep up the good work again this week in Indianapolis.
20. Anquan Boldin (ARI) – He is coming off a career best game and faces an over rated Steeler secondary this week. If he plays, Boldin may be limited by a hip injury, something that must be taken into consideration. (Check injury report: hip)
21. Derrick Mason (BAL) – He remains the top receiving threat in the Baltimore offense and has a great match up this week against a very suspect Brown’s secondary.
22. Braylon Edwards (CLE) – He has achieved a lot in his short career against the talented Baltimore defense. Top corner, Chris McAlister, will shadow him all day making life difficult but he has the tools to flip the script on McAlister.
23. Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) – Buffalo has limited his production in the past but this is a new season in which Cotchery has achieved a solid level of consistency. Cotchery must start to find the end zone in order to transcend to that top level of stardom as a fantasy WR.
24. Calvin Johnson (DET) – He has already made his mark in the high powered passing attack of the Lion’s offense. He has all the makings of a star if the riggers of the NFL do not take their toll on him. Apparently, that may already be the case, as he may be limited this week with a back injury. If he plays, expect a good effort regardless of the injury. (Check injury report: back)
25. Ronald Curry (OAK) – As expected, Curry was able to rebound with a big game last week. He should, once again, be the top receiver for the Raiders in Miami. Good match up and he should get plenty of looks.
26. Shaun McDonald (DET) – He has proven to be a solid and consistent fantasy performer. This could be his best week to date, especially if Calvin Johnson is a scratch.
27. Wes Welker (NE) – He is not a yardage or touch down machine but is a great option in reception heavy leagues. He has at least 6 catches in each of his first three games. Brady looks his way early and often. Good match up.
28. Vincent Jackson (SD) – He was finally able to match his expectations last week. This week’s match up has us even more optimistic about Jackson’s chances to shine once again.
29. Santonio Holmes (PIT) – For what ever reason, he is still somewhat of an afterthought in the Steelers’ game plan. Holmes should improve on his underachieving ways with the prospect that Hines Ward will be out of the line up this week. He must step up if he wants to erase the doubts of fantasy owners and fans alike.
30. Roddy White (ATL) – Where did this guy come from? He has caught lightning in a bottle (pardon the cliché) the last couple of weeks, and if he can prove himself consistent, White may turn into the top level receiver he was expected to be out of college. He has far surpassed our expectations to this point, although, we did have him ranked last week. He is still a little risky, but definitely worth a shot, especially if you have nothing to lose.
31. Deion Branch (SEA) – Branch has posted solid numbers in his last two games but a match up this week with Nate Clements could limit him this week on the road. Look for a few catches underneath and a possible look his way in the red zone. We would be very surprised if he gets loose deep.
32. Greg Jennings (GB) – He entered the line up for the first time last week with a bang. If Jennings does not suffer a set back with his hamstring, look for him to have another solid week. He should be on the Favre radar again in week 4. (Check injury report:hamstring)
33. Darrell Jackson (SF) – He has yet to get in tune with QB Alex Smith but most of that is due to Smith’s inability to get in tune with himself. He is slowly, but surely, improving each week and this week offers a decent match up.
34. Nate Burleson (SEA) – He has found pay dirt for two weeks in a row but is a risk due to the fact that Hasselbeck spreads more balls around than Larry Craig at the Minneapolis airport. You would have to be Nostradamus to predict who his top receiver will be each week. Never the less, he will likely be overlooked this week by the San Fran D which makes him a viable candidate for starting line ups.
35. James Jones (GB) – Despite the return of Greg Jennings, Jones’ stats actually went up last week. He has been a consistent target for Favre each week and this week should be no different. He must start getting to the end zone before he can be considered a solid starter in your line up.
36. Bobby Engram (SEA) – Engram is a possession receiver with limited upside, but if continues to be targeted as often as he has to this point, he will be a viable option in reception heavy leagues.
37. Isaac Bruce (STL) – He took a hard shot to the head last week which may or may not have contributed to his poor 3 catch for 14 yards performance. He should have a better week at Dallas but he is proving to be inconsistent and therefore a risk for now.
38. Andre Davis (HOU) – Key injuries to the Texan’s top two WR’s has propelled Davis into the starting line up. He posted decent numbers in a fill in role last week. Look for him to at least match, if not exceed that this week as Schaub’s #1 WR option.
39. Marty Booker (MIA) – He continues to increase productivity with each passing week. He may prove to be an option as a 3rd starter on your roster but remember that Trent Green prefers to look for Chambers first. 40. Mike Furrey (DET) – If Furrey has been anything to this point, it is consistent. With the possibility that Calvin Johnson may be out this week, his role in the offense should increase, and if not, expect his normal level of production.
41. Dwayne Bowe (KC) – This rookie has taken full advantage of his opportunities, quickly becoming Huard’s favorite WR. He has increased his output from week to week and is proving to be a bright spot in an otherwise lack luster Chief’s offense.
42. Anthony Gonzalez (IND) – Manning continues to target him at least a few times per game. If Gonzalez can get over a steady case of butter fingers, he should provide some value. With Denver’s top corners distracted with Harrison and Wayne, he should have ample opportunity to propel his numbers this week.
43. Nate Washington (PIT) – He will likely replace Hines Ward in the starting line up this week which should bring plenty of looks in his direction. If you have him, this is probably the week to use him, but don’t expect Chad Johnson numbers.
44. Brandon Stokley (DEN) – He is consistent in his efforts yet lacks the number of touches necessary to be a fantasy starter. Expect his usual once again.
45. Amani Toomer (NYG) – Toomer destroyed the Eagle’s defense last season to the tune of 12 receptions for 137 yds. and 2 TD’s in his only start against them. His lack of consistency dictates that a repeat of last year is possible, but highly doubtful.
46. Craig “Buster” Davis (SD) – This high draft pick is getting more attention each passing week from QB Phillip Rivers. He is still a little risky at this early stage of the season but he has tremendous upside. It would not be surprising to see him be the Charger’s top WR by midseason (Gates excluded).
47. Joe Jurevicius (CLE) – Jurevicius has been very unpredictable so far this season. He has proven to be a reliable target in red zone situations but those opportunities are few and far between. You can never be sure with this guy but he should at least see a few passes come his way this week.
48. Demetrius Williams (BAL) – He has been limited most of the season due to various injuries. Williams will be in the starting line up this week and should see a lot more action than in previous weeks. He faces a team in Cleveland that he went for 100 yards and a TD against last season.
49. Patrick Crayton (DAL) – He has not exactly put up Terry Glenn like numbers but he should see more balls come his way as the #2 WR. He may also add some value as a return specialist. He is a risky proposition but may provide some depth to a shaky line up as a spot fantasy starter.
50. Mark Clayton (BAL) – Clayton is still hampered by a nagging calf injury. He will play in week 4 but only as a 3rd WR in passing situations. He will remain a risk until he is completely absolved from injury.
51. Drew Bennett (STL) – Bennett has yet to provide that extra spark to the Ram offense. He has a lot of upside and looks to be injury free for the first time this year. If Bulger can remain upright long enough to find his 3rd option, Bennett could be effective this week.
52. Michael Jenkins (ATL) – He may merely be a one week wonder, but he may be worth a shot this week if you are needy.
53. Donte Stallworth (NE) – He continues to be snubbed by Brady like the stinky kid from high school (you all remember that kid, right? Our apologies if you were that kid). We all know Stallworth has big play potential and all we can do is wait patiently, but patience is wearing thin.
54. Bobby Wade (MIN) – He has been the best receiver in the Viking arsenal (translation: mediocrity). He has a chance to improve this week if Holcomb starts at QB. He also has a little value as a punt returner.
55. Lee Evans (BUF) – Disappointing is not a big enough word to describe this guy. He probably should not even be ranked, nor deserve to be, but we are optimistic that Trent Edwards may be able to do what Losman could not, get him the football. He gets the benefit of the doubt for one more week. Start him at your own risk, but if you have him, you already know that.
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