1. Marvin Harison (IND) – He continues to prove why he is one of the league’s best WR’s. Great match up this week against Houston, expect a monster game.

2. Randy Moss (NE) – Moss showed no signs of slowing down last week, and faces his best match up of the year thus far at home vs. Buffalo.
3. Steve Smith (CAR) – He is simply the best wide out in the game today. He will continue to light up the scoreboard this week against DeAngelo Hall and the Falcon’s secondary.
4. Chad Johnson (CIN) – It would be virtually impossible for him to surpass last week’s performance, but you know Ocho Cinco will give his best at Seattle.
5. Reggie Wayne (IND) – He’s a star and this week’s match up at Houston will prove it. We expect another big game, but you probably already knew that.
6. Roy Williams (DET) – This guy is so talented, he doesn’t even need a helmet. To this point, the emergence of new receivers has not hurt his fantasy value what so ever, and this week in Philly should be no different.
7. Santana Moss (WAS) – He seems to be returning to his burner ways. If Campbell can find him deep, he should go off this week. A great match up makes him a go to starter vs. the Giants.
8. T.J. Houshmanzadeh (CIN) – He may not be the deep threat that Chad Johnson is, but he finds the end zone just as often.
9. Terrell Owens (DAL) – A tougher than usual match up in Chicago shouldn’t hamper T.O.’s production this week. Romo will find a way to get it to him.
10. Torry Holt (STL) – He will be paired up against Ronde Barber this week which will be tough, but this guy is amazing, and will find a way to get it done.
11. Chris Chambers (MIA) – He continues to be Trent Green’s “go to” guy, we just wonder when he will “go to” him in the end zone. It could very well be week 3?
12. Joey Galloway (TB) – Like a fine scotch, this guy gets better with age. He makes big plays and he knows how to find the end zone. Good match up vs. the Rams.
13. Donald Driver (GB) – He has faced easier opponents, but Driver can get space on almost any DB. He should continue to perform at a high level this week and you know Favre will be looking for him.
14. Marques Colston (NO) – Even with the Saint’s sub par offensive play, Colston has been a bright spot. Look for his fantasy numbers to increase, perhaps, starting this week at home vs. the Titans.
15. Braylon Edwards (CLE) – He had a break out game last week, and looks to be in tune with his new QB. Edward’s inconsistency should not be a problem this week, as he faces an Oakland team that he put up good numbers against last season.
16. Anquan Boldin (ARI) – Baltimore’s defense has had trouble with every #2 WR they have faced this season. This week that #2 WR is a good one in Boldin. With McAllister focusing most of his attention on Fitzgerald, Boldin should be Leinart’s favorite target this week.
17. Javon Walker (DEN) – He has been a beast, leading the NFL with 17 receptions. Look for shut down corner Rashean Mathis to give him some trouble this week, but he will still be productive.
18. Calvin Johnson (DET) – He’s well on his way to fantasy stud status. You should keep the train rolling with him this week against Philly.
19. Plaxico Burress (NYG) – He has never had a stellar stat line in games against Washington, but with his big play potential, he is always a threat.(check injury report: ankle)
20. Laveranues Coles (NYJ) – We could read this guy’s first name a million times and still have to look it up to spell it. Getting back to the task at hand, Miami has a way of neutralizing speedy receivers on the big play, but he should have a solid game at home.
21. Ronald Curry (OAK) – After a huge week 1, Curry was shut down by a great Denver secondary. Look for him to bounce back in a big way this week against a poor Cleveland defense.
22. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – He will be matched against a top notch corner, but he should have plenty of opportunities as Leinart’s favorite target (covered or not).
23. Santonio Holmes (PIT) – With Nate Clements focused in on Hines Ward, this could be a big game for Holmes. Roethlisberger needs to look for him more often and this is a perfect week to start.
24. Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) – He is quietly turning into a top fantasy receiver. He may fly under the radar again this week at home vs. Miami. He‘s a solid starter for your line up. (Check injury report: shoulder- he should be good to go)
25. Deion Branch (SEA) – He was able to break loose last week after being shut out in week 1. This week’s match up is a great one, but he must do a better job of creating separation from defenders.
26. Bernard Berrian (CHI) – Berrian has been the Bears only real source of offense in the first two games. That shouldn’t change much this week at home vs. Dallas. Expect a good game.
27. Wes Welker (NE) – Look for Welker to continue to be the short target for Brady. Those short receptions add up, throw in a few kick off and punt returns, a chance for a TD in the red zone, and you have a pretty good fantasy WR. He could have his best week yet.
28. Isaac Bruce (STL) – He has stepped up big for the Ram’s needy offense. He should have another solid week.
29. Darrell Jackson (SF) – He is battling a back injury but should be targeted often against Pittsburgh. He will improve on a mediocre start as he develops chemistry with Alex Smith. (Check injury report: back- should be fine)
30. Hines Ward (PIT) – He had an unsuspected drop in production in week 2. He is a great receiver, but week 3 is not especially promising, as he butts heads with the great Nate Clements.
31. Kevin Curtis (PHI) – Everyone is waiting on this guy to break out. He will have his chance against a shaky Detroit secondary.
32. Derrick Mason (BAL) – He has been a great comeback story, especially in the reception and yardage categories. Mason’s production may take a slight hit with the return of Mark Clayton, but he should still be productive as a #3 WR in your line up.
33. Brandon Marshall (DEN) – With Rashean Mathis attempting to blanket Javon Walker, Marshall could surpass an already impressive beginning this week.
34. Donte Stallworth (NE) – After two straight disappointing weeks, many of you may want to give up on him. The fact of the matter is that Stallworth will not continue to go to waste. He has too much talent. Brady is targeting him more often and if not for the dreaded pass interference call (which is not accounted for in fantasy); he would have taken one to the house from about 60 yards out. Keep the faith!
35. Amani Toomer (NYG) – He has had overwhelming success in his career against Washington. Unfortunately, most of that success came as a #1 receiver. We still expect positive numbers for him as the #2 guy.
36. Vincent Jackson (SD) – He should look better this week after facing two great defenses in a row, but Al Harris and the Packer D are not exactly cup cakes.
37. James Jones (GB) – If Greg Jennings is unable to go again this week, and it’s doubtful, Jones should continue his positive play.
38. Antwaan Randle El (WAS) – As long as Campbell continues to look for him, he should remain a decent option for your line up. This week offers a promising match up. He also returns kicks and punts as an added bonus.
39. Drew Bennett (STL) – He looks to be back to full strength this week after being limited due to injury. He will be a welcome asset in the pass happy Ram offense.
40. Lee Evans (BUF) – He may be the biggest disappointment of the season thus far, especially for those of you who drafted him high. The match up at New England probably won’t help heal the wounds this week. His potential is all that keeps him on the list this week.
41. Jacoby Jones (HOU) – With the absence of Andre Johnson, Jones will be expected to step up into a major role in the offense. The coaches have more faith in him than Kevin Walter, so look for him to be Schaub’s top dog this week.
42. Mark Clayton (BAL) – Clayton’s return from a nagging toe injury may not be a smooth one. We suggest you give him a week or two before putting him in the mix. Hopefully, this week will serve as a good indication of where he stands.
43. Bobby Engram (SEA) – He continues to get looks from Hasselbeck in the absence of D.J. Hackett. The pairing against a struggling Bengal secondary could prove to be a good one for Engram.
44. Mike Furrey (DET) – He continues to prove himself as a fantasy option. Despite being delegated to the #3 role, he should be able to provide positive numbers in a pass heavy offense.
45. Shaun McDonald (DET) – He’s the best #4 WR in the NFL right now and he is starting to find his way into fantasy line ups. He has performed well two weeks in a row, but he is still risky considering his role on the team.
46. Marty Booker (MIA) – He was able to find the end zone in week 2 but you can’t bank on that every week. Trent Green must find him more often to make him a worthy fantasy candidate. He’s ok in a really deep league this week
47. Jason Avant (PHI) – His ability to get open has made him a new favorite for McNabb. He still has more to prove to jump up the list, but three quality weeks in a row would say a lot. He’s a sleeper with upside.
48.Devery Henderson (NO) – For whatever reasons, he has struggled mightily thus far. Like we said last week, he is an “all or little” type wide out. So far, it has been little, but this week’s match up may provide relief.
49. Reggie Brown (PHI) – This guy was expected to have a big year. So far, not so good. He has had trouble getting open and McNabb is looking elsewhere. The fact that he is still listed first on the depth chart is the only reason to keep hope alive with him.
50. Brandon Stokley (DEN) – He’s not a fantasy point’s giant, but he will get you consistent points in a jam. He should get more looks this week.
51. Arnaz Battle (SF) – He has played up to expectations, which weren’t a hell of a lot. This week’s match up is decent if his groin injury isn’t an issue. (Check injury report)
52. Dennis Northcutt (JAC) – Northcutt has established himself as the Jag’s top WR. He has to start finding the end zone to be a real option for you. Bad match up makes him a risk this week.
53. Joe Jurivicius (CLE) – You can’t possibly expect last week’s numbers to carry over this week, but he does seem to have nice chemistry with Derek Anderson. He should have an ok game, but don’t get too fired up about him yet.
54. Anthony Gonzalez (IND) – His success relies heavily on his ability to get open, that and Peyton’s mood. He’s a wild card this week in Houston. If Peyton feels like throwing to him, it could be a productive day. If not, well……..
55. Jerry Porter (OAK) – He is yet to return to form, but this could be his week.
56. Dwayne Bowe (KC) – Coach Edwards has promised to increase his role in the offense. This guy has a lot of up side, we just hope it’s not wasted in a crappy offense.
57. Drew Carter (CAR) – It’s hard to trust him as a fantasy starter, but this week’s match up offers the opportunity for one of his impressive, yet rare, games.
58. Ike Hilliard (TB) – He is officially the #2 WR on the depth chart. He has been put on mop up duty but should offer a few points, perhaps even a touch down, for those of you in dire need.
59. Roddy White (ATL) – It appears he has become Harrington’s favorite WR. That does not count for a whole heck of a lot, and he is not a reliable fantasy starter.
60. Roydell Williams (TEN) or Muhsin Muhammad (CHI) – For those of you who are extremely desperate, we give you the choice here. Either way, if you are starting one of these guys, you’re probably screwed this week.
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