1. Peyton Manning (IND) – Manning thrashes virtually every defense he faces, but he has an extreme history of doing so against Houston. Expect him to top his usual this week.

2. Tom Brady (NE) – The new look Patriots offense has helped sky rocket Brady’s fantasy value. He should take it all the way to the moon at home this week vs. Buffalo. A team he has historically destroyed even without the likes of Moss, Welker, and Stallworth.
3. Carson Palmer (CIN) – We don’t expect a repeat of last week’s 6 TD performance, but we do foresee him exceeding his week 1 stat line. Either way, he is a lock starter.
4. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – If the Bengal secondary plays like it did last week, it could be a monster game for Hasselbeck. We feel the Cinci D will be improved, but if the Sea Hawk WR’s can step up as a whole, he will have a great day for you.
5. Jake Delhomme (CAR) – He’ is a QB reborn. He struggled against Atlanta in 06’, but this is not the same Delhomme. Start him with confidence.
6. Marc Bulger (STL) – Despite the key injuries to his O-line, Bulger has continued to impress. He must increase his TD output and has a fair chance to do so this week in Tampa.
7. Jon Kitna (DET) – If he could cut out the int’s, he would be a dream fantasy QB. He finally has a great “group” of WR’s at his disposal, and should have a big week in Philadelphia. However, don’t rule out a pick or two with this guy.
8. Drew Brees (NO) – He has not exactly picked up from where he left off last season, but he is improving, SLOWLY. The Titan’s offer a good match up, so this could be the week he gets back on track.
9. Jason Campbell (WAS) – He wasn’t half bad on Monday night, and his best game of 06’ came via the Giants. The Giant’s defense is worse in 07’, leading us to believe that Campbell may not only be a safe start this week, but a good one.
10. Donovan McNabb (PHI) – It’s obvious that he is not the McNabb of old right now. He won’t wow you, but he is a solid start at home against Detroit.
11. Tony Romo (CHI) – He is off to a great start so far in 07’. Despite facing a tough Chicago defense, we expect him to be productive again this week, but not on the level of his previous 2 starts.
12. Jeff Garcia (TB) – Garcia does not have the best supporting cast around him, but he has proven that he does not need much. He’s a leader and a playmaker. So long as he has a healthy Joey Galloway, he should continue his success, and that includes this week vs. the Rams.
13. Brett Favre (GB) – He may be aging, but much like Tom Brady, he is a poised veteran QB. He doesn’t have the tools or youth that Brady has, but despite a harsh match up, we expect a good effort from Favre against the Charger D.
14. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – He has proven himself a worthy fantasy QB this season. He faces a much better defense this week than he has the previous two weeks, but we still expect a decent Week 3 for “Big Ben”.
15. Eli Manning (NYG) – Despite the bothersome shoulder injury, Eli looks to be alright, and alright is exactly what we anticipate from him stat wise at Washington.
16. Vince Young (TEN) – He has not achieved a huge level of success as a fantasy QB, but a sad New Orleans defense should help improve his status in that regard this week.
17. Josh McCown (OAK) – He must avoid the interceptions and sacks but he has a very favorable match up this week against the Browns. If he is your back up, and your regular starter has an awful match up, he is worth a shot.
18. Phillip Rivers (SD) – This guy has been battered the first two weeks by great defenses. He will improve on his poor play this week, but Green Bay’s defense is no slouch either.
19. Chad Pennington (NYJ) – He should return to the field this week and he has been relatively successful against the Dolphins in the past. If the ankle holds up, expect a solid, yet not overwhelming outing from Pennington.
20. Jay Cutler (DEN) – Cutler should improve as the season progresses. If he can start to find the end zone, he may just become fantasy elite, but for this week, expect more of the same old.
21. Derek Anderson (CLE) – Yes, he was able to annihilate the Bengal defense last week. However, before those of you who added him decide to deem Anderson your fantasy savior, you should give him at least one more game to prove himself. Like everyone else, we still know very little about this guy, so to offer advice on him after one week, would be done so in vain. Roll the dice at your own risk.
22. Steve McNair (BAL) – Check the injury report before you put him in, but it at this point, he looks good to go. Depending on how the injury sets him back, he should get over his more serious ailment of fumbleitus. He will probably be ok, but we would give him another week before throwing him back into the fantasy fire.
23. Trent Green (MIA) – He will surely cut down on the interceptions this week, but if he is going to be a successful, he needs support from a miserable running game. The Jets provide a good match up, but he can’t get it done on his own.
24. Matt Leinart (ARI) – He has never been very good on the road and facing the Baltimore defense doesn’t exactly help matters. You may want to look to your back up this week if he is your regular starter.
25. Rex Grossman (CHI) – Dallas hasn’t exactly shut down the opposition’s passing game thus far this season, but Grossman always finds a way to shut himself down. Expect a mediocre performance at best.
26. Matt Schaub (HOU) – He has more than surpassed expectations thus far. A big reason for that has been the play of WR Andre Johnson. Johnson will be out for week 3 and Schaub should share that status in your fantasy line up.
27. Joey Harrington (ATL) – For what it’s worth, the Falcons move to pick up Leftwich should inspire him to improve. The bigger issue is with an offensive line that is getting him buried every week. Too many sacks and a lack of touch downs put your team at risk with Harrington.
28. David Garrard (JAC) – He has been a nice surprise and should continue to improve. Unfortunately, He faces an amazing secondary in Denver and his WR’s just can’t match up. He is probably already your back up and you should keep it that way, at least for this week.
29. Damon Huard (KC) – He looked better last week but it’s a matter of time before he rides the pine. He’s not the worst QB out there but his offense may be. Not a good start under any circumstance.
30. Alex Smith (SF) – The good news is that he has yet to throw an interception this year, but he is also yet to throw a TD pass or accumulate any yardage. He faces a weaker secondary this week, but the Steeler pass rush will be too much for him to handle.
31. Tarvaris Jackson (MIN) – If he’s healthy, he will start this week. If you’re smart, you will bench him.
32. J.P. Losman (BUF) – Historically, he is bad away from home and he flat out sucks against the Patriots. The Patriot’s D is better than ever. We would Start La Dainian Tomlinson at QB in week 3 over this guy.
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