1. New England (BUF) - This defense has been dominant the first two weeks. This week should only further their dominance against a sputtering Buffalo offense.
2. Minnesota (@KC) - The Kansas City offense plays right into the hands of the Viking defense. The purple people eaters match up beautifully this week.
3. Pittsburgh (SF) - This defense chews up offenses and this week's match up at home against San Fran should be no different.
4. Baltimore (ARI) - Baltimore has had a little trouble stopping the pass so far this year but they are still extremely powerful and dangerous against any offense. They shouldn't have too much trouble handling Arizona. They must get to Leinart early and often.
5. Carolina (@ATL) - After giving up 31 points last week vs. Houston, we expect the Carolina D to bounce back against a Falcon offense with no clue.
6. Chicago (DAL) - The Cowboys bring a powerful offense to Soldier Field, but the Bears defense should be up to the task as usual.
7. San Diego (@GB) - After getting trounced by the Pats in week 2, this sack happy defense should return to form against Green Bay.
8. Indianapolis (@HOU) - Houston's offense did put 31 on the scoreboard last week but without Andre Johnson they are a mere shell of themselves. Indi doesn't have the greatest defense in the world, but it doesn't look bad this week.
9. Denver (JAC) - No defense is better at stopping the pass than Denver. For some reason, the Jaguars think they are a passing team this year.
10. Kansas City (MIN) - We know KC can't exactly be considered a top fanatsy defense, but they match up pretty well against Minnesota, who has no passing attack. If they stack the line against Adrian Peterson, they should have a good day.
11. Dallas (@CHI) - The Dallas D has been solid against the run and awful against the pass. It just so happens that the Bear's offense isn't particularly good at either one.
12. Philadelphia (DET) - The Detroit passing game will be in full swing Sunday afternoon. This defense should know that and have a game plan to limit the Lion's production through the air. They can't shut them down all together, but they can keep Kitna and his crew under control. The ability to create turnovers against this offense is their fanatsy appeal this week.
13. Green Bay (SD) - This is a capable defense. They are facing a disgruntled Charger offense ready inflict damage. Although some damage will be done, we feel this defense can hold their own this week.
14. Jacksonville (@DEN) - They may struggle with Travis Henry, but they should keep Cutler under wraps most of the day. They are great from a fantasy standpoint because of their ability to create turnovers and sacks.
15. Oakland (CLE) - Cleveland looked amazing on offense last week behind new QB Derek Anderson. We will be honest and tell you that we aren't really sure what to expect with this game, but we know the Oakland defense is much better than the Bengal's right now and we can't foresee the Browns repeating last week.
16. Arizona (@BAL) - This defense finds itself ranked in the top 10 against both the pass and the run. This may be a franchise first and they have a favorable match up this week against the beat up Raven offense.
17. San Francisco (@PIT) - The SanFrancisco defense is definately improved this season, but they still have a long way to go. Willie Parker will probably give them some problems with his speed. Tough match up puts them middle of the pack.
18. Washington (NYG) - This defense has definately improved over the offseason. They face a Giant's offense that can create problems, but if they can get to Eli fairly often, they could have a positive day.
19. Tampa Bay (STL) - This defense faces a high powered offense down a cylindar this week in the Rams. The Ram's offensive line injuries have seemed to have had a bigger effect on the running game than the passing game. So, look for the Buc's defense to focus more effort on stopping Marc Bulger rather than Steven Jackson.
20. Atlanta (CAR) - The Falcon's defense is the only thing that has kept them from getting blown out each week. This week they face Steve Smith and Carolina. For a team having trouble against the pass, Smith will be an unwelcome sight. They should be ok against the run. Pray for sacks and fumbles if you use them.
21. St. Louis (@TB) - This should be an interesting match up. St. Louis is surprisingly ranked 4th in the NFL against the pass and Tampa Bays offense has been very pass oriented with the arrival of Jeff Garcia. The Rams may hold their own, but they are always a risk in a fantasy roster.
22. Tennessee (@NO) - The Titans must keep pressure on Brees to be successful. We still aren't exactly sure what to expect from the Saint's offense at home, but we do know the Titan's defense has played very well to this point.
23. Detroit (@PHI) - This defense has actually exceeded expectations, but they have yet to face a quality offense. Can you consider the Eagle's offense one of quality thus far? We can't, but this defense is too risky to use.
24. New Orleans (TEN) - This match up seems like a good one against the Titan's, but for a team that ranks near the bottom in almost every defensive category, you can't be sure. Avoid using this defense.
25. N. York Jets (MIA) - The Jet's have had better days on defense, and they are not a good option for now. The only positive is that they play a Dolphin's team prone to turning the ball over which can equal fantasy points in most leagues.
26. Miami (NYJ) - This defense was expected to be one of the best in the NFL this season. So far, they have been one of the worst. They have the talent and veterans to turn it around but for now, steer clear.
27. Seattle (CIN) - The match up against the Bengal's high powered offense is too much for them to handle. Look towards your alternate defense this week.
28. N.York Giants (@WAS) - The Giants rank a distant last in the NFL in pass defense. You will probably hear "Campbell to Santana Moss deep for a touchdown" often this week on the telecast.
29. Cleveland (@OAK) - Were just surprised we don't have them ranked last this week. If you have them, you can thank the Raider's offense for that. Never the less, drop this defense faster than the Jets can drop dime on Belichick.
30. Houston (IND) - This defense has been impressive thus far, especially against the run, but they are playing the Colts this week and without Andre Johnson on offense. This D will be on the field most of the game. Give them the week off if you have them.
31. Cincinnati (@SEA) - Did you see the game they played last week? Drop them as fast as you picked them up! Even if they turn it around, you don't want a defense capable of such a bad game.
32. Buffalo (@NE) - This is going to be brutal.
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