1. Carson Palmer (CIN) – He always torches the Browns, and with their defense built to stop the run(for what that’s worth), he may light them up more than usual.
2. Peyton Manning (IND) – Favorable match up on paper, but the Titans have given him problems in the past. Not to worry, this is Peyton Manning we are talking about. His bad games are still better than most qb’s best efforts.
3. Jake Delhomme (CAR) – He was able to shred the Ram’s secondary in week 1, the Houston secondary is not much better. David Carr’s presence has seemingly inspired Delhomme back to form.
4. Drew Brees (NO) – It scares us a little to see him this high in the rankings after last week, but he’s known for slow starts and we think he will rebound nicely this week against Tampa. Look for the Brees of 06’ to re-emerge.
5. Donovan McNabb (PHI) – He said he was 75% going into week 1 and it showed. He is not up to his usual MVP caliber, but he is a safe and solid start against the Skins.
6. Tom Brady (NE) – He comes into this game against a strong Charger defense with a sore shoulder. On top of that, the team is surrounded by controversy and scandal for the first time ever. That being said, no one is cooler under pressure than Tom Brady. He will be just fine.
7. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – If he can carry over the momentum from last week, he has a very favorable pairing against the Bills. Don’t expect him to throw 4 TD’s again, but the Steeler’s new offense suits him well.
8. Tony Romo (DAL) – He won’t repeat last week against a much tougher Miami defense, but he will put up respectable numbers.
9. Trent Green (MIA) – He brings stability to the Dolphin’s offense. He’s not the fantasy star he once was, but he’s still got something left in the tank. Good match up against a Cowboy’s defense that looked very confused in week 1.
10. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – He is a seasoned veteran and should have better success against the Cardinals than Alex Smith, but his receivers must do a better job at getting open this week for him to really be effective.
11. Brett Favre (GB) – Probably as good a match up as Favre could ask for against a horrible Giant’s secondary, but he needs to limit his mistakes and needs the running game to step up this week.
12. Jay Cutler (DEN) – He is getting better with every snap he takes. The Raiders always come ready to play against Denver, so expect a slight drop off for Cutler from last week.
13. Jon Kitna (DET) - He’s a fantasy dream in one respect and a fantasy nightmare in another. He throws the ball a ton and has great receivers in a system that seems built for fantasy. The only problem is he is reckless under pressure, throws way too many picks and is sacked often. Expect to see him throw the ball a lot, what happens after that is anyone’s guess.
14. Matt Leinart (ARI) – The San Francisco defense left him with few options last week. We expect a better week 2, but nothing spectacular.
15. Alex Smith (SF) – We expect him to improve over last week against a weak Ram’s secondary, but this kid still has a ways to go before he is a go to fantasy starter.
16. Marc Bulger (STL) – The S.F. corners shut down 2 of the NFL’s best wide outs last week. Couple that with the fact that Bulger is without All Pro tackle Orlando Pace, and you end up with a sub par day by Bulger standards.
17. David Garrard (JAC) – We don’t expect him to throw as much in week 2, as the Jag’s will look to return to the ground game, but he has skills and could post fair numbers against the Falcons.
18. Rex Grossman (CHI) – He will improve after a dismal week 1. It’s a good match up for him vs. KC, but his uncanny knack for mistakes make him a liability and a risk.
19. Vince Young (IND) – He’s more likely to get it done on the ground. He’s a proven winner, just not as a fantasy starter.
20. Matt Schaub (HOU) – He proved he has fantasy value in week 1, but it’s doubtful he will be as useful against a fierce Carolina pass rush. Not his best match up.
21. Jeff Garcia (TB) – He did pretty well in week 1 considering what he has to work with. The fantasy jury is still out on Garcia in Tampa, but if the O-Line does not improve, they could return with the death penalty. He should get a fair share of yards this week and possibly a score, but the sacks and potential for injury make him a dangerous start.
22. Phillip Rivers (SD) – he always seems to struggle against great teams forcing L.T. to bail him out. He faces arguably the best team this week in the Patriots. Not a good start if you have other options.
23. J.P. Losman (BUF) – The Steeler secondary won’t limit him as much as Denver's, but the pass rush will. He needs to be able to accurately read the many Pittsburgh blitz packages and go over the top using the speed of Lee Evans to be successful. A tall order.
24. Jason Campbell (WAS) – He looks to be more comfortable with each start, but his accuracy needs a lot of improvement and he has a long way to go. He’s a last resort option for now, but he will get better.
25. Tarvaris Jackson (MIN) – This is about as good as gets for Jackson in terms of match ups, but he still lacks the necessary skills to be a great fantasy QB. This team relies on defense and a ground attack to win, not Jackson.
26. Joey Harrington (ATL) – He just does not have what it takes as a fantasy QB or really an NFL QB period. He’s about as accurate as Vick with less of an arm, and much slower and uncoordinated. Vick wasn’t a very good fantasy QB, so what does that say for this guy?
27. Derek Anderson (CLE) – He may be backing up Brady Quinn by the 3rd quarter of this game. For that one Brown’s fan out there who has him on their roster, please don’t start him, we beg you !
28. Damon Huard (KC) – He’s not really worth the time we took to rank him.
*Eli Manning, Chad Pennington, Steve McNair, and Josh McCown will all likely be out this week with injuries, due to the likely fact that none of you own their backups, we will not be ranking them. Check the injury report for updates and start these guys at your own risk.
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