May 18, 2013

Profit at Sports Betting

If you want a change from playing online casino games then just about the best way to beat the bookmaker and make some real cash is applying your skills to sports betting.

The best ways to profit from gambling are poker and sports betting. Some people claim that there is so much skill involved in poker that it really isn’t gambling at all, and if you look at the consistency with which top poker players keep the millions flowing in it is hard to disagree. But the same argument applies to sports betting. There are plenty of professional sports betters, but professional roulette players and blackjack players (excluding the card counters) are few and far between.

There are two ways to beat the bookmaker:

One is to use the leverage provided by arbitrage. That is playing off the different odds that are offered by different bookmakers on the same event to create a situation whereby you are bound to win no matter what the result. Arbitrage bets generally involve many different bets with many different bookmakers and can become highly complex. There are some (fee paying) websites that search for arbitrage opportunities for their members. Arbitrage is never fool-proof and there are risks involved, but it is possible to make some steady money using it.

The other is to increase your knowledge so that you better at evaluating odds than the bookmaker. You don’t have to be better all the time; you just need to be better more often than you are not. The objective is to identify value bets. Those are bets in which you have a greater edge than the bookmaker. There are opportunities for value bets all the time; it is just a matter of identifying them.

You will need to invest some effort. Pick a sport that you know a lot about and study it in depth including all the factors involved. It is not unusual for some last minute changes to affect the true odds, for instance an injury could mean a key player misses a match. You need to be on the ball and get in a value bet before the bookmakers react. Do this regularly and before no time you will be winning on a regular basis.

Or you could just stop and enjoy the football. A lighter option of gambling would also be to just play casino games – sites like offer even football themes slots games, and what more could you ask for? You can also win good money from your casino gaming.


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