Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial is Awesome (VIDEO)

Ferris Bueller's Super Bowl commercial is finally here and we've got an early look at the extended version for you. Billed as "Matthew's Day Off" because it's not officially "Ferris," but rather Matthew Broderick who's taking the day off in his Honda CR-V, we have to say it should be the top Super Bowl ad this Sunday. Ferris fans will enjoy, or desperately wish it would have been a movie instead of a Super Bowl ad.

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The real Sloan and Cameron may have been busy but they do have stand-ins making cameos. There's a guy in Cameron's hockey jersey behind Matthew on the ferris wheel (at the :50 mark) and there's a girl who I believe is in a white leather fringe jacket at the Chinese festival (at the 1:51 mark).


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