Female Fighters: What a Difference 100 Years Makes

Don't think times have changed? Check out these two photos. The top shows these two fine ladies—identified by the Library of Congress as Fraulein Kussin and Mrs. Edwards—who slugged it out back in 1912. Note the intimidating stare from Mrs. Edwards after (we imagine) yelling out some harassing words like, "I shall see you in the ring, my dear!" followed by tea and crumpets. The bottom, well, it's the modern-day version, featuring Cris "Cyborg" vs. Jan Finney. We're guessing no tea or crumpets were served after the bout.

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I am afraid that I do not follow your reasoning. Are you suggesting that it took one hundred years for the fight to start? I mean, it is clear that in the first photograph the two are preparing to spar. In the second photograph, they are actually fighting.

The contrast is inherent.


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